$1,000 Rap Contest (Buy Yourself A Studio!)

$1,000 Rap Contest (Buy Yourself A Studio!)


Contest Entry Link: www.maxxonpriddy.com/2017/08/25/1000-rap-contest-2/


He asked me to get involved in his first one and I was like, I gotta make sure you are giving this money to people before I show the Smart Rapper community this. He gave the winner last time $1,000 cash… so I was like ok cool, sure man I’m down for some cross promotion.

Here are the reasons I feel like you should enter this contest as an Upcoming rapper:

1) First of all you’re going to have a finished song that you can release to the public

2) It’s a competition so it’s going to bring out the best in you and make you go harder

3) Everyone who joins this contest will get seen by everyone else joining this contest so you can gain a fan or even a future collaboration partner

4) In his last contest he didn’t get a HUGE amount of sign ups, that’s why he reached out to me because he knows I have you guys and girls. I say this because, since there aren’t a TON of people entering… your chances of winning the money is MUCH HIGHER. The more contests he does, the harder it will be to win. 5) His beats are actually pretty lit or I wouldn’t have agreed to this.

6) If you win even second place you get 5 times your money back

7) If you win the $1,000 prize you can buy a REALLY SOLID home studio set up for yourself.


How To Enter

1) Go to the link I put in the description www.maxxonpriddy.com/2017/08/25/1000-rap-contest-2/

2) Go through the beats on the beat player

3) Decide which one you can make a great song too

4) Click the plus sign next to it

5) Save 20% during checkout by using my name Rob Level all one word

6) Record your song

7) Upload it to the upload box that’s on that same page

Additionally, Make sure you read the short information about the contest so you don’t miss anything. You have to submit before November 27th


Author: Jason Rogers

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