UPDATED FOR 2016: 200+ Hip Hop Blog’s Contact E-mails

hip hop blog email listhip hop blog email list

Every Single Solitary Hip Hop Blogs Contact E-mail Information

hip hop blog email listMy credentials

Major Places My Music Has Been Featured

Places Ive Been posted up BANNER 2

hip hop blog email list 2016 Major Update

The Video Below Contains An Inside Look At The List

This list contains every hip hop blog email list

hip hop blog email listTHe Huge list of e-mails

Do You Want Every Hip Hop Blog Email I Could Find On The Internet In 1 List?!!!! 

hip hop blog email list

One blog post up on the right blog can blow you up over night. It just depends what blog you get posted onto!

hip hop blog email listimagine 50,000 Fans!

Imagine 50,000 people being shown your music in one place where they look for music.


Imagine 50,000 potential fans instantly!

Wouldn’t that be NUTS! 

hip hop blog email list

This Hip Hop Blog Email List Could Make You Big, If You Are Good!

hip hop blog email listYour advantage

The Reason I Decided To Sell This Instead Of Just Give It Away

1) If everyone just has it for FREE they can E-mail the blogs in 5 minutes. It lessens YOUR  CHANCES of getting YOUR MUSIC posted up because you’re competing with ALL the other artist sending E-mails for that spot on the blog.


You getting this actually puts you ahead of everyone who doesn’t have it.


2) I only want SERIOUS ARTIST having this list. Not half assed artist sending their half assed music. If you buy this list, I know you are serious enough of a artist that you would spend a few bucks to help your career.


3) If you wouldn’t pay, I can assume you put the same amount of effort into your music and therefore it’s not even worth sending to these blogs.


hip hop blog email listIf you’re a serious artist

This is the way to make sure only SERIOUS artist who want to make it in the rap business have their hands on these E-mails.
hip hop blog email list

Regular price is $29 for the E-book list but right now it’s only $14.77.

That’s 50% Off Regular Price FOR NOW!

You INSTANTLY get the entire 200+ E-mail list after you press buy.


Sometime In February 2016 I will put the price back up to $29


how to find your rap voice2 Huge new bonuseship hop blog ebooks side by side

I have also includes the Secrets To Getting Your Music Posted By Hip Hip Blogs E-book that gives you templates on exactly what to send to e-mail blogs the first 5 times you message them


How To Send Your Music To 200+ Blogs In 1 Click E-book that includes a 10 minute step by step video how to.


The Hip Hop Blog List is now a bundle and has 3 times the value!

how to find your rap voice

Smart Rapper Girl 2

Get The Blog List, Get Your Music Heard And Start Getting The Respect, Money And Girls You Deserve

how to find your rap voice


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