How To Become A Successful Rapper – Level 4

successful rapper guide level 4
How To Become A Successful Rapper – Level 4


Level 4 – Part 1 – Touring And Doing Live Shows

Level 4 – Part 2 – Top 8 Tips For Performing Live Shows

Level 4 – Part 3 – How To Set Up And Book Your OWN Tour (Coming Soon)

Level 4 – Part 4 – Touring Is Expensive! Why? And How much?

Level 4 – Part 5 –  Where Do I Get T-Shirts, Flyers, Hats And Other Merchandise Made?

Level 4 – Part 6 – How To Set Up An Online Street Team (Coming Soon)

Level 4 – Part 7 – How To Set Up A City By City Street Team (Coming Soon)


(End Of Chapter Additional Reading)
Extra 1 – How Do I Get More People To My Live Shows (Coming Soon)


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