How To Become A Successful Rapper – Level 6

successful rapper guide level 6

How To Become A Successful Rapper Level 6

Keys To Understanding Your Growth As A Star

Level 6 – Part 0 – Keys To Understanding ‘The Game’

Level 6 – Part 1 – Gaining Momentum And The Biggest Mistake Of My Career

Level 6 – Part 2 – Buzz – A Top 3 Key To Success

Level 6 – Part 3 – Over Coming Timidity – Give Yourself That Champion Aura

Level 6 – Part 4 – Reasons Why You MUST HAVE Patience As An Artist

Level 6 – Part 5 – In that time of being patient, this will keep you sane.

Level 6 – Part 6 – Why You Need Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom As An Artist

Level 6 – Part 7 – Networking (It’s Not What You know, It’s Who You Know!)

Level 6 – Part 8 – Create A Black Book For Your Network

Level 6 – Part 9 – How Do You Get Your Music On The Radio? (Coming Soon)

Level 6 – Part 10 – Making And Taking Opportunities – Die If You Don’t! (Coming Soon)

Level 6 – Part 11 – The Shortcuts To Success (w/ Artist Examples) (Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)
Extra 1 – Why Everybody thinks they are somebody (With True Stories)
Extra 2 – How Do You Deal With Fake Ass People?
Extra 3 – People are out for themselves, It’s human nature, Be smart
Extra 4 – Why It Is So Hard To Gain Fans And How To Win
Extra 5 – Top 5 Extremely Good Reasons To Talk To People Randomly
Extra 6 – Top 5 Ways To Compliment People So They Like You Instantly


Guide Table Of Contents

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