I’m Now Accepting Your Music! 1st Come 1st Serve!

I’m Now Accepting Your Music! 1st Come 1st Serve!


1) Submit a YOUTUBE or SOUNDCLOUD link. If it’s Sound cloud make sure your song is set to downloadable.

2) MUST NOT be a remix to a popular song

3) MUST Say you give me permission to use your song in my Smart Rapper videos in your e-mail

4) DO NOT submit songs that do not have a chorus on them. I need to be able to help you with all your skills not just rapping.

5) Try not to submit songs that have a bunch of other rappers on them. I want songs that are just YOU so I can help YOU

6) Be polite it helps your chances A LOT

7) If I don’t respond, submit weekly in the same e-mail thread so I can see how persistent you are.

Here is the e-mail to submit your song to

[email protected]


Song I Played In The Video: Rob Level – Way Up Music Video


Edited By: Rob Level


Author: Rob Level

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