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For Less Than A Starbucks Coffee You Can Also Get The Audio Version Of The E-book

I know a lot of people don’t like reading, so when I created this E-book I actually went ahead and read it for you so you can just listen to it.

This way you can get the information without worrying about reading anything.

You can listen to it in the car, at the gym or wherever you are already doing something so you don’t waste time sitting down and reading.

Listening to audio books is how smart people learn faster.

Trust me, I listen to 2 new audio books a week.

Plus there is a huge benefit from the scientific fact that people retain audio information 40% more than reading alone.

This means you will be able to remember and apply the music marketing ideas easier.

In my audio book readings I also offer a bit more information than the e-book alone offers.

This is because I go off on tangents and explain more than I had on my mind when I was writing the book.

That’s a unique bonus of the audio book.

dont miss out

I’d like to point out the E-book is 42 Pages and the audio book is over an hour.

So that’s how long you’ll be reading the E-book.


Or you can just let me read it to you for a 5 dollars more.


No Thanks, I’d Rather Read Than Listen To It.

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