Smart Rapper Package Deal #1

Course package deal #1RAPPER LINEimagine this


You want to be a super successful rapper making a living off of your music.

You want the fans, the fame, the glory and most of all…. the respect of people who doubted you.

You work super hard to get better but you only get a little bit better overtime and it gets frustrating. You want to grow 10 times faster so you can get started on the career and not just the learning process.

If only there was a way for you to learn all of the skills you needed to be a great emcee and artist faster.

“If only someone who has already did all of the hard work could just show me how to do everything the right way so I don’t have to spend years learning from mistakes” you say.


RAPPER LINEheres the good news

I’ve been where you are right now and it is the primary reason I started Smart Rapper. I want everyone to get over the learning curve as fast as possible so they are:

1) Ahead of all of their competition
2) Ready to start releasing music and making money and a living from it.
3) Ready to stop being looked at as a ‘Wanna be rapper’ and actually BE A RAPPER!


I am finally offering every single product in the Smart Rapper line up for 1 low price. 


In this package you will quickly learn:

1) How to find your best rap voice. A voice you may think you already have but can enhance a lot further than you realize.
2) You get the freestyle and battle rap course so you can not only become great on the mic but great out in public to impress people.
3) You will learn how to write punchlines, multis and more using a thinking pattern that only someone who has been writing 17 years could show you.
4) You will learn how to write entire songs, rap choruses and how to bring them into your music software and arrange your songs to completion.
5) You get the full list of Hip Hop Blog contact emails so when you finish your new songs you can start marketing them yourself.


Want to be a great rapper?


Simply follow this course and you’ll be light years ahead of where you are now.


RAPPER LINEYou get all of this today


The Top 9 Fastest Ways To Become A Better Freestyler And Battle Rapper ($19.99 Value)

How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes Guide E-book  ($24.99 Value)

How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes Guide Audio book ($29.99 Value)

The Top 200+ Hip Hop Blog Contact E-mails List ($29.99 Value)

The Entire ‘How To Write Punchlines And Wordplay Lyrics Course’ ($197 Value)

The Entire ‘In The Studio With Novi Novak – How To Write Choruses Course’ ($497 Value)

RAPPER LINEClick here to get it all

Author: Rob Level

Professional Music Artist | Smart Rapper Founder And Editor In Chief | iTunes Top 100 Charting Artist | Professional Songwriter w/ Major Credits | Life Story Teller | Inspirational Speaker | Villain Squad Over Everything (VSOE)I'm here To Inspire And Help Others Grow through everything I do. I want you to avoid my mistakes so you can become greater, faster.

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