Get $20-$50 By Helping Smart Rapper Out



its like free money

I give away Smart Rapper products that cost upwards of $50.

These are products I already sell 5-10 of every single day because they create solid value for rappers.

Why else would people spend money on them daily?

You can get them for simply doing small things that help Smart Rapper grow. It’s more than fair.

It’s like I am hiring you for 20 minutes and paying you $20-$50. Where else can you get that wage at with out a job interview :’D


I cannot give away all of the TOP PRODUCTS I have created since some of my TOP products go for $300-$500 and are more than worth it.

But I will give away my baseline products in the rewards system that cost around $19-$25 each.

See below.


why do this

I get e-mails everyday from rappers (especially younger ones) that really really want the Smart Rapper E-books and courses I custom made. They tell me that they can’t afford the products but wish they could

Since I know that there are a lot of rappers out there that are unable to afford buying some of my Smart Rapper products. I decided to make a system that allows you to do a few small things for me, in return I will give you the option of some of the Smart Rapper products.


how it works

1) You click the button that is hovering along the bottom of this screen that says ‘Smart Rapper Rewards’ and a box will pop up

You can see all of the ways you earn points to get rewards on that pop up.

2) You scroll to the bottom and click ‘Create a store account’reward

3) You sign up by filling out your E-mail and the password you want to use to log into your Rewards account

Smart rapper rewards system prizes


4) You do the small tasks like answering questions that helps Smart Rapper get smarter, Share a Smart Rapper page, Follow us on Facebook etc. and you earn points fast and easy.


5) When you do enough of the tasks (which will take you ten minutes) you cash them in for rewards like the 200+ Hip Hop Blog E-mail List, The Find Your Rap Voice E-book and even bigger stuff.


6) This rewards system is BRAND NEW and I will continue to add prizes and products to the line up. Even stuff like opening a  show for me when I come to your city is something I’d be willing to put on the list when the time comes.


It will grow with the site. I have big plans as you can see haha. I always carry through with my plans.



Go ahead and get started now! It helps both of us. I really appreciate your support of Smart Rapper!

Don’t forget to sign up to our E-mail list for the other free E-books and more.



All shares and everything else will be manually checked by my assistant. So please don’t try to game the system and waste your time or mine.

Use the system the way it was created and help Smart Rapper grow and we will give you the products to help you grow as an artist. I appreciate real, honest people. I know you do too!


– NovAK



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