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 Tube Assist Reviewtube assist review

Why Am I Doing A Tube Assist Review?

If you know anything about me, you know that I do anything I can to help and inspire people.

Go read the about section on this site and you’ll see that.

This entire site was made to help people avoid all of my stupid mistakes in my life and career so they can grow into a better version of themselves faster.

So of course when I know about something amazing that has helped me grow my YouTube following I am going to show everyone so that they can also benefit from it.

I just hit 50,000 YouTube subscribers with the help of Tube Assist. So I had to do a Tube Assist Review for anyone wanting to grow their YouTube channel in a safe and smart way like I did.

youtube channel tube assist review

In the video below you can see proof that I use the Tube Assist YouTube Software on a daily basis.

There is nothing wrong with using smart tools in order to get people to find your videos.

What Tube Assist’s Automated Features Do For You:

1) It will share your video 100 times PER DAY to people AUTOMATICALLY to gain you views and fans.
After you take the 10 minutes to set up Tube Assist it’s sharing your videos to potential fans.

Now you’re getting REAL views everyday!

I gain minimum of 1,000+ views a day since my channel has so many videos for a new fan to click to and check out.

2) It will go through and post comments on YouTube videos to get people to your channel
This will gain you new fans after they go to your page and check your videos out.

This leads to even more views!

For instance, Tube Assist commented for me on a video from the guy below. He then came to my channel and subscribed and became a fan.

Tube assist comments


3) Using your YouTube channel, It Automatically Subscribes To Potential Fans Channels For You
It searches for any YouTube channels using a keyword you choose and it subscribes to users it finds AUTOMATICALLY.

These people will see you subscribed, then come to your channel and subscribe back and check out your videos.

It will subscribe to about 1000 channels every 10 days.

That’s 3,000 potential fans a month.

Tube Assist review

4) It will UNSUBSCRIBE from those channels 2 weeks later AUTOMATICALLY
There is a check box so you can only unsubscribe from people who didn’t subscribe back. Or you can just unsubscribe from everyone.

5) It will auto ‘Add Contacts’

Which sends them an E-mail notifying them about you. It will go through and ADD 500 people a day. Those people get an E-mail saying you added them. Then they check out your channel/music videos 😀 That’s 500 more potential fans a day.



Are you excited yet?

I feel excited just helping and telling you about it so I know you are probably excited! 🙂

6) There is no software installed on your computer.
This all runs through their website. You access it through the internet and set it up in 10 minutes.

So it is running all day and all night whether or not you even have an internet connection.

You can see why this is the best YouTube Marketing Software out there.

You think major labels aren’t using this? HA! The company that makes this software has been around for 10+ years and stayed in business for a reason.


THIN LINEsubs I got today as a rapper

UPDATE: Just look at the subscribers I have gained from YouTube the last few days. It all adds up day by day growing your fan base. 

Tube Assist clearly works.

Of course it took time to get my channel rolling but once I gained momentum I became unstoppable with the help of Tube Assist.

tube toolbox automated features

Don’t forget I also post a lot of GREAT content so people have a reason to subscribe

THIN LINETube Tool Box

You can get the Tube Assist Professional Upgrade and set up THREE YouTube channels instead of ONE.

You will have your main YouTube doing it’s thing, and 2 side YouTube channels auto comment on videos about you and send messages linking to your videos . 😉


This was my face when I found out about Tube Assist. 
The best youtube marketing software

Now it is probably your face too.

You’re welcome 🙂

tube assist review for youtubeAutomated features

From my mentality of growing up poor and always trying to save money, I reached out knowing I was going to do this Tube Assist review and asked if there was a coupon code for you guys/girls.


This was their response: 

“I assume you are asking about a coupon code for Tube Assist? We do not have any coupons for a certain amount off the first month as you requested. However, and I wouldn’t usually do this, but you can use the coupon code “Tube25Off” to give them 25% off the monthly price.”


That’s nice of them. 

thank you good sir
tube assist review for youtube

Tube Assist 3

1) Start gaining more fans TODAY!
2) Get more YouTube views 
3) Have your friends wonder how you’re doing it.
4) You can’t be that serious about growing your fan base on YouTube unless you are using it
5) Tube Assist Pricing is less than 3 StarBuck’s Coffees a month.
6) It is easily the best automated marketing software for YouTube


Use “Tube25Off” to save yourself 25% Foreva eva

forever eva

***Click Here To Check Out Tube Assist*** 

THIN LINEtube tool box tutorial

If you are gaining even 20 fans a month…. 1 person buys your album and it pays for itself.

Plus if you are monetizing your YouTube videos (like you should be) it pays for itself.

tube assist for youtube

Yeah, It’s Like Magic.

tube assist

Try it, If you don’t like it, you can just cancel.

There is no contract or anything.

I just use PayPal to make my monthly payment.

You can use a bank card too. 

Remember, I’m here to help that’s why I just did this Tube Assist Review.

I didn’t have to tell anyone I was using it! 😉

tube assisttube assist tutorialtube tool box vs tube assist

1) If you aren’t gaining fans immediately, it is because your content they are watching/hearing isn’t impressing them.

That or your YouTube page is so poorly set up (lacking content, no recent videos, bad bio, no banner etc.) that they don’t see a reason to subscribe to you or interact

You have to look active and give them a reason to subscribe to you and watch your videos.

I gain a heavy amount of followers because my YouTube is set up perfectly for the purpose of people seeing it wanting to subscribe.

You need to do the same!

You can check out my YouTube Tips Page For Help On that.

tube tool box

2) Yes, the software is constantly updated. They keep up with all the changes on YouTube and also YouTube is aware of  Tube Assist and Tube Assist follows the Terms Of Service. Just like Tube Tool Box which runs along side Tube Assist.

This means you won’t get Tube Assist Banned. There is no ban from Tube Assist because it won’t let you go outside or passed the YouTube send limits to get banned.


number 3 rapper

3) Realize not everyone logs into their YouTube every single day.

Messages its sending and videos it is sharing may not be seen by a YouTube user for a few weeks. So it’s best to give it a month to see how it works for you.

I personally don’t think a week trial is long enough because you need the time to see the results.

I even just E-mailed Tube Assist while writing this and here is what I said.

Tube assist review


tube assist update

Then the owner of Tube Assist e-mailed me back and said that he can’t increase the length of the trial because of the load on the servers but that’s okay because he gave me even better news. He said even if you pay for the month and you don’t like it, he is happy to refund your money. BAM!

tube assist update for youtube

So grab a Tube Assist Personal, Professional or Agent Membership for a month and see how it goes for you.

I personally use it as the proof above shows.

I have also recently upgraded Tube Assist to the professional upgrade so I can run my normal channel plus run the SmartRapper channel.

I hope this Tube Assist Review helped!

tube assist tipsTutorial, Tips and Secrets Video

Again, the picture below proves that if you use Tube Assist and provide value and quality in your videos. People WILL come and they will like you and subscribe.

Tube assist comments

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