Why Rappers SHOULD NOT Produce Their Own Beats | SR Q & A 4

Why Rappers SHOULD NOT Produce Their Own Beats | SR Q & A 4

A lot of people talk about the importance in making beats while you’re a rapper but if you look at any of the greats… they really don’t make their own rap beats and that is why they are so great at rapping.

Rappers like J Cole, Mac Miller, Tyler The Creator And Kanye West are known to produce their own music but only Kanye West is at the level where he is known as an amazing producer.

It takes a lot of skill to make hit beats and stay on top of trends as well as continue to evolve as a rapper and stay ahead of the curve to be what’s hot and new. You don’t see Jay Z, Drake, Nas or other greats really making their own beats. Eminem is known to produce some tracks but he still leaves it up to Dr Dre to give him what he needs or other producers who can deliver the rap beats that he needs.

Rappers that make their own beats is rare for a reason. Take the hint and be a Smart Rapper.

Author: Jason Rogers

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