Shortcuts And Secrets To Songwriting For Rappers [Full Step By Step Course]

course songwriting headerHow To Write Rap Punchlines, Wordplay And Choruses

How To Write Rap Songs & How To Write Rap Choruses

how to write a rap song
One hot song can launch your career and blow you up to star level.

how to write a rap songIt happened for me when I got 5 MILLION VIEWS on one video and suddenly was getting recognized in public on a daily basis.

Now I have:

1) Record deals
2) Top 100 iTunes Charting Albums
3) DatPiff Top 8 Mixtape of the week anytime I release one
4) 14 Million views across all of my YouTube Channels
5) 50,000+ Subscribers on YouTube and much much more
6) Dozens of people with my lyrics and name Tattooed on their body
7) Making A living off of my music and music knowledge
8) Songs written for other major artist who are even bigger than me!

how to write a rap songhow to write a rap song

Places My Music Has Been Featured

how to write a rap songhow to write a rap song

This is a course review from an upcoming rapper and customer who has not only purchased the course but every other product on Smart Rapper as well as about 3 hours of consultation. 

A very intelligent guy with some wise words. 

how to write a rap songGet A Free demo of it

Against my better judgement I have finally I have put together a demo of this course using REAL footage from directly inside the course.

It’s over 20 Minutes of what is inside of this course so you can see how heartfelt and honestly I deliver all of my music knowledge directly to you as if you are right next to me in the studio learning. Get a free demo of what this course can really do for you!

It doesn’t hurt to try.

For all you know this is the thing that brings you to the next level. If you don’t at least check it out you will always look back wondering what this course could have done for you.

how to write a rap songreal deal

If you have ever wanted to sit in a studio with  a top rapper and watch them write songs using all of their secrets…. This is finally your chance. Maybe your only chance.

You are not only in my mind in this whole course, you are in my home studio being shown EVERYTHING.

You are right there next to me watching me go through my process of writing songs.

how to write a rap song

Step Your Songwriting Skills Up Today To Get Your Music Heard And Start Getting The Respect, Money And Girls You Deserve

how to find your rap voiceguarantee-seal-300

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