10 Things To Do AS SOON AS You Release A Song (Immediately!)

10 Things To Do AS SOON AS You Release A Song (Immediately!)

In this video I am going to tell you the things you should IMMEDIATELY DO as soon as you drop a song.

I just dropped a remix of Kanye West and Lil Pumps I Love it. Recorded it, mixed it and even finished a music video for it all within 24 hours.


This video is going to show you proof of exactly what I did AS SOON AS I DROPPED THE SONG to get it to the 10k views it is already at in less than 24 hours.


I’m releasing a song a month starting THIS MONTH and I’ll be doing this EVERY TIME.

If you wanna see how many views my remix is at already I’ll put a link below


If you do all of this right and don’t get lazy or skip any of these things, even somebody with  a small following will get 1,000 to 10,000 views in the first few days of posting your song. It depends on a bunch of factors as you’ll see.


1) Make your marketing materials. THIS IS A MUST Let me explain.


Convert video for all platforms – You will want the video made correctly for the following

Your Instagram Story, Your Instagram Profile Page and for Snapchat.


The Instagram story one can be used on Snapchat if you cut it down to 10 seconds and the Instagram profile page one can be used on both Facebook and Twitter.


Also make sure you have a GOOD CLICKABLE thumbnail for your YouTube video. It should stand out and be interesting.


Then also make an artwork for your song so you have it when you need it, which you will.

Realistically you should already have these made but sometimes you are in a rush to get the song out like I was.


If you don’t know how to do these, I have a video on how to make these things super fast in premiere pro, I’ll add links below.


**How To Add Banners To Your Instagram Videos**



2) This is obvious but I don’t want you to forget this. You may have uploaded it to YouTube but also upload it on major platforms.

Here are the sites I HIGHLY recommend you upload to just so it’s up if someone likes your song and looks for it.


Sound Cloud and YouTube…. and then Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play… well anywhere really that distrokid will let you upload and it does it all at once so it’s easy for you.


I use Distrokid since they are awesome and also paid to sponsor and support Smart Rapper. For a discount when you sign up use https://wwwSmartRapper.com/DK


You can do reverbnation, bandcamp and all those too if you want.


3) I immediately recommend you submit your song on Submit Hub


It allows you to send your song to TONS of blogs in just a few clicks. And the cool thing about this site is that if you have credits you can actually force them to have to listen to your song for a certain amount of time.


In any other case blogs aren’t required to listen if you send it to them.

On top of Submit hub I highly recommend you get your hands on my blog list of over 200 Hip Hop blogs that also comes with me interviewing hip hop blogs on how and why they post people like you.


Remember if the right blog posts you, you can instantly gain thousands to tens of thousands of fans. Blogs are still very relevant.

Links will be below.


4) Now you have your marketing materials and the song is up everywhere ready for everyone to listen so it’s immediately time to start marketing this bad boy.


Some of this may seem obvious but I’m going to mention them anyways


Remember it’s about momentum and getting your new song off to a good start so every person adds up here and gets people talking.


1) post on your Personal Facebook Page, DUH


But, be smart, post a screenshot from the video, talk about it and don’t post the link in your actual post. Instead post it as the 1st comment.


Facebook doesn’t want to send people to YouTube they want to retain people for Facebook video so they make less people see posts with YouTube links.

Little secret for you there 😉


2) Post on your Facebook fan page, if you don’t have one, make one!

3) Post the link into your Instagram Profile bio link so it’s easy for everyone to see.

4) Post it on your Instagram Story and tell people the link to the full song is in the bio

5) Post it on your Instagram profile page

6) Take a shortened version of the Instagram Story video and post it to your Snapchat feed and make sure you link it.


Now everyone who organically sees your post are notified.


Step 5) Now you need to take it to the next level though and make sure everyone who knows your name sees this bad boy.


For one, since it’s the easiest, start manually sending the SnapChat snippet to every single person in batches of around 20 people.


YEA it’s time consuming, but believe it or not, manually sending the video to people will get your the views and clicks.


When people respond to it, engage and talk to them to make them a more hardcore fan. Get feedback on your song and this will also help you grow.


6) Post it up on Reddit in the music section.


Usually you’ll get at least 20 views minimum from the right subreddit post. This gets people talking about you if it’s actually good.


7) Post it on Twitter using this music marketing strategy

When you post on twitter, repost it on twitter once an hour and delete your previous tweet if it didn’t get any retweets.


The reason for this is that the average tweet life on Twitter is about 17 minutes. If you want to reach everyone who follows you, you should repost the video numerous times.


8) If you have an e-mail list, send it to your e-mail list.


If you don’t know what an E-mail list is… you need to take my FREE COURSE on how to build an e-mail list so you can start making money from your fans as well as be able to notify them about new songs.

An e-mail list is VITAL. I’ll put the link below for the e-mail list course that is 100% free.


9) These are all FREE low budget music marketing strategies


Remember the best way to gain fans is to go to places where there are fans of artists you already kind of sound like.

Facebook groups, forums, other YouTube videos, Instagram pages. Start gaining fans one by one by starting conversations with people then start driving people to your songs and start gaining fans.


10 new fans a day is 300 new fans at the end of the month. Don’t under-utilize this basic strategy my friend.


I have a 3 hour video course that has 136 music marketing ideas and tricks you can check out. I’ll put the link below.




10) Spotify Playlist Promotion

In this case my new song was a remix, but for my new singles like Spray and what I did for Way Up that is at 1 million views already I used a service called PlayList Push which takes your song (if it’s good) and tries to get it placed on the best Spotify Playlist for you so you gain streams.


This ISN’T FREE but I saw a lot of traction for Way Up on Spotify using these guys so I do recommend them. If you want to use them they will actually hook you up with a deal if you tell them Rob Level at Smart Rapper sent you.


** Playlist Push **



All of these things in this video will get your new song off the ground and off to a good start. THEN you spend everyday marketing it to new people and start gaining fan after fan. You’re unstoppable unless you stop yourself.


Here is a list of links in the description you can check out


** My New Song I Did This Marketing For **



**How To Add Banners To Your Instagram Videos**



**E-mail list course is in the FREE Community Level**



** Distro Kid Link**



** 136 Music Marketing Ideas **



** Playlist Push **

https://smartrapper.com/PlaylistPush tell them I sent you!


You just became a little bit smarter. Comment below which of these tips you already do or you find the most beneficial. Check those links below and please subscribe. I’ll see you tomorrow with another video.

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