15 Jobs Every Independent Rapper Has To Do (Like It Or Not)

15 Jobs Every Independent Rapper Has To Do (Like It Or Not)




If you want to know how to make it as an independent artist this will help.

15 Jobs All Independent Rappers Have To Do

Nowadays if you are an artist you are ALL of those things as well if you want to actually grow.

I’m going to give you a list of responsibilities you probably don’t even realize you have when you are an independent rapper

1) You’re your own financial backer

2) You’re your own content creator and social media manager

3) You are your own social media music marketing team You are hte person out there marketing your music all day long

4) You are your own street and online team manager for fans You give them direction in how to help you grow.

5) You are your own manager for the first couple years. You are out there gaining connections and creating your networks. Making those relationships flourish and more

6) You are your own booking agent When it comes to getting shows and

7) You are also a performer and entertainer

8) Songwriter

9) You are your own engineer, tracking engineer

10) I shoot and edit all my own music videos so realistically, I was my own director

11) Then I was the video editor who chops it all up, color corrects and color grades it for release

12) You are your own fashion stylist Style grows over time

13) You are your own PR and Image Consultant

14) You are your own teacher

You can’t grow if you’re not educating yourself and learning in order to evolve into a better artist and everything else we spoke about in this video

15) You are your own cheer leader

Through all of this no one is going to start believing in your until you had believed in yourself for years.

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