3 Reasons To NEVER Delete Rap Lyrics…

3 Reasons To NEVER Delete Rap Lyrics…

3 Reasons To NEVER Delete Rap Lyrics… Transcript

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What up gang? In this quick video, I’m going to show you why you should never delete lyrics, even delete lyrics. You should never delete lyrics, even if the lyrics are ones that you’re going to toss. We’re going to tell you the psychological advantages as well. There’s a bunch of other advantages that you have by not throwing away the lyrics and how to handle them.

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Every single time you’re writing a song. I’m not talking about while you’re writing the song, what to do with them to actually increase your confidence while writing a song and a bunch of other tricks that you can write. Well, that’s interesting. I have thought about that. You know, don’t forget to stick around for word of the day.

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Let’s go and get into it. I’m Rob Level, this Smart Rapper you’re about to get smarter. What is really important when you’re writing lyrics, continue writing a ton of lyrics for every song, right? Okay. You never want to lose those lyrics. You need to understand, little methods to be able to organize them so that actually everything comes together quicker and easier for you.

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So you finish songs faster, which means you get better faster. So let’s put it like this. And all of my music pads, every single one of them, I have all of these different sections and areas. Okay. But especially of chorus, you have verse one, verse two, pre-chorus, sometimes bridge. But then on top of that, having those obviously there’s an area for writing lyrics that I’m definitely using for the song’s whole subject area.

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And as the lyrics come together and I know I want to use them, I transition them to the verse area higher in the pad. Okay, now this is how the verses come together and get organized piece by piece. The better the lyrics are higher in the padding. All right. Under that area where I’m writing those, I have another area for good lyrics that are unfinished, but I’m not quite sure about if I’m going to use them.

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Then lastly, I have an area called extra. Which is basically all the lyrics I wrote, but I decided not to use. Basically their lyrics that I tossed out. Now you’re probably wondering, why don’t I just delete these? They’re pretty much trash. Well, there’s two reasons. Number one, instead of the deleting lyrics or lines from verses, I keep them saved in this extra area.

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In case for some reason, I decide to revert to the old lyrics. I want to see the journey of where I started. Maybe there was ideas that I had previously that I forgot. If I come back to the song, even six months, two years, two weeks. You a, genius. And more importantly, number two, I keep the lyrics because it reminds me how much work went into writing that song.

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Sometimes there are hundreds of bars in my extras area, in my pads. Any time I open the song lyric pad, I feel great seeing how much I actually wrote for the whole song. It reminds me how much work I put into it and I can see how much of that work any song on there is. I can see it.

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Now if you delete lyrics that you don’t use, you basically don’t get to admire all the bricks that you built that were your foundation for your finished song and those lyrics deserve love to, even if they’re not beautiful because you’re beautiful. I’m just kidding. They are a creative part of you. So. All right, yall, you know what time it is. Its time for word of the day.

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Hi, guys. My name is Rae, and today’s word of the day is undermine. To weaken or subvert usually gradually or secretly. That’s when people keep undermining. You know what it is undermining ass bastards. I hope this helps you out. I have a Rap Fundamentals Masterclass series, a bunch of things that I give you for under $3. And also for that I want to give something for free.

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I want to give you a bunch of free rap fundamentals, cheat sheets and tools. So if you click in a link that’s in the description or on the top comment, I’ll give it to you for free. And I usually charge for this stuff is actually usually part of this bundle. But I want you to get your hands on this while I’m offering it and see the little tidbits.

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These little all this little tidbits. But there’s a lot of them. And it adds up and they’re free right now. So click this video before it’s gone and get your hands on this. And after you tell me where to send it, it’s going to bring it to a page. It loads in like 2 seconds. I spent a ton of money getting to loads of fast for you and it’s going to show you the entire rap fundamentals bundle.

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They cost less than $3. Oh jeez. That comes with, I don’t know, like it’s like 20 things that come with it. It’s crazy. And I know you. Where you are right now it’s a very, very small investment, but it’s an investment where you’ll appreciate the things that you’re learning. take it more seriously. If I give it to you for free people.

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People don’t tend to take things as seriously when you give it to them for free. I’ve learned that. But anyway, it’s free downloads below. Go check that out. Go get a free cheat sheet. Actually, you get it. So I’ll let you go and check out the rap fundamentals. All right. I’m Rob Level. This Smart Rapper hit me with a sub.

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Hit me with a like. Hit me with some comments as I read those. Let me know any questions or there’s anything you want me to make a video on. Either way, keep hustling gang, and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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