4 Easy Ways To Get Free Soundcloud Plays

Over the last few months, I’ve been intensely researching SoundCloud promotion and marketing by using scratch profiles. I’m going to be letting you in on a few tricks that I learned to get real free SoundCloud plays. You’d think they’re easy to get. All you have to do is get your song in front of people who would click your song, right? 

Usually, this is harder than most people realize. However, you’re going to be able to get free SoundCloud plays all day, every day. Seriously. 

I can guarantee that some of these tricks have never been heard of. No one really thinks the way that do when brainstorming Soundcloud promotion and music marketing ideas. That’s why this is Smart Rapper and why we are at almost a quarter million subscribers on YouTube. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe. It’s free.

Free Soundcloud Plays Trick Number 1 

The first trick has three steps to free SoundCloud plays. (By the way, I tested all of this over the last few months to show you my results.)

Here’s the screenshot of my BRAND NEW SoundCloud profile. I didn’t even verify my account yet!

1) Click the link located on the bottom of this article which will bring you to Repost Exchange. Just for being part of the Smart Rapper community, you will receive bonus credits.

2) Link your SoundCloud account and then go to “My Campaigns.” Use your free credits to start that campaign up.

3) Your song will go to the top of the “Browse Campaigns.” This means every single person who goes to this section will play your song to see if they want to repost you. This lets them trade for your free credits received when you clicked on my link.

I tested this site on a brand new account with 0 followers and 0 streams. After 1 day I got 114 plays in one day from real accounts. 

By day 2 of running my FREE campaign, I had 259 plays, 20 followers and 47 reposts 28 likes and 9 comments. If you want free Soundcloud plays, reposts, and/or comments, this is one of the smartest ways to gain them from real people.

I have an entire series on every feature and what they all do coming on my YouTube channel during SoundCloud week so be sure to subscribe.

How To Get Free SoundCloud Plays Number 2 

What I’m about to show you will get you hundreds to thousands of free SoundCloud plays everyday. 

I’ve never showed anyone this trick before but right now is probably the best time to do so. I started using this like 8 years ago right when I was doing heavy marketing to push my music. What we are going to do for free SoundCloud plays is use an Auto Clicker to act on your behalf.

You’re probably asking, Rob, what the heck is a Auto Clicker? It’s is a program that automates your computer to click the mouse anywhere on your screen like it is a real person. But since there’s no person there. It’s like a ghost is doing it… Ohww spooky.

It’s like a ghost is auto-clicking for you… Ohww spooky.

You can set it to click anywhere on a screen at any set amount of time. It can even decide which click happens in which order. Then, set it to repeat that action.

Create incognito windows in your web browser and then open each of the playlists. Set the Auto Clicker to automate everything. Every time you leave the house, go to school, or head to bed, you just click “Go” on the mouse. The next time you check, you’ll come back to tons of free SoundCloud plays.

Now this system is a little bit more complicated to set up than I just described. It’s possible to gain hundreds to thousands of plays a day, on any track you want, just by doing this.

You should see the other tricks I have in my music marketing masterclass. This is just scratching the surface. Links are below for that.

Number 3 for free SoundCloud plays:

Set up an Instagram and Facebook group with you and other rappers who all want to gain streams every day.

Let’s say five local rappers and you all have one song of your own that you want to get free SoundCloud plays on. Make a group on Instagram and Facebook, and invite those people to it. Each person should put their SoundCloud song link in the chat so it’s easy for everyone to find and click. 

The group must agree that once a day, you will click each others song and leave a comment. This process will take less than a few minutes from each person in the group. At the end of the month this should result in hundreds of comments and free SoundCloud plays. 

If you show each person the last step I talked about, (Auto Clicker), you can collectively super boost each other. Everyone can leave their computers on all night and watch their plays sky rocket.

But, what if you could be paid when doing this? What if you were using this same method on Spotify? I recommend you do use the same free SoundCloud plays method on Spotify to gain a profit.

The thing is, it’s not so simple to trick Spotify without them deleting your music. However, I figured out the exact formula to make it work with the algorithm. This took me a year and a half to crack the code. Hard work and dedication pays off as I always tell you on Smart Rapper. 

I can show you how to make a minimum of 300 dollars a month and up to $1,000 on Spotify streaming your music. It’s very intricate and takes time to set up, but you’re making money back plus getting Spotify streams daily.

Do not abuse these methods for free SoundCloud plays. People can tell when they are faked. The purpose in this is to gain yourself a little of social proof to get your new music on SoundCloud off the ground. It should not be heavily relied on as a complete career booster. If you have 5000 streams and no comments and no reposts, it just looks fake. So if you use this, use it for a few hundred free soundcloud plays. 

I’m Rob Level, this is Smart Rapper and you just became a smarter rapper. Keep hustling gang, I’ll see you at the top.

– @Rob_Level

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