Part 12: Wrap Up Of This Course + More Resources

Part 12: Wrap Up Of This Course + More Resources

I’m going to recommend some resources for you if you want some further knowledge on all of this.


1) I HIGHLY recommend you go learn basic SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. It’s how you can make sure your blog posts and YouTube videos get ranked and show up when people search. I’ll put a link to Neil Patel’s SEO course that is 100% free that I also learned a bit from.


You can also watch YouTube videos on SEO. But please make sure that they are

2) I highly recommend and listening to A TON of the podcast on there. I listened to over 100 of those podcast for over 6 months of my life and I learned A LOT.


I also learned from which is the site where the guy from learned his internet stuff.


These aren’t required but these are amazing resources if you are trying to learn internet business.


And these are podcasts you can listen to at the gym or in your car.


If You Haven’t Yet

Click Here To Make Your Click Bank Account Now: Click Bank Sign Up Page

And Go Here To Make Your Share A Sale Account: Share A Sale Sign Up Page

Click Here To Start Your Website: Blue Host Sign Up Page

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