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You Were Accepted For The Smart Rapper Album

Below is everything you need to know.

We are releasing songs 1 by 1 to get the maximum amount of exposure and then when all of the songs on the Mixtape are finished we will all market that as a whole.

Each week 1 song will release and we will all market it grow together.

#1 This Is Not Free (Obviously)

You already knew this was NOT free but you should also know the major benefits and why it is worth wayyyyyy more than the cost.

#2 You Are The First Round Draft Picks

Remember you are the first round on the first Smart Rapper mixtape and next time it will cost a lot more to be on the tape. You are in the first class so you get the benefit of being someone we are testing everything with and for that reason you get to get on the tape for a lower price.

#3 A Major DJ Might Host This Tape

We plan on getting this hosted by a major DJ as well. So you will be able to brag you were on a mixtape hosted by a MAJOR NAME DJ. The only way that won’t happen is if we do an interesting marketing plan I have for hard copies (Unless the DJ doesn’t mind)

I have A LOT of ideas for all of this. Remember I’ve been working on this for a VERY LONG time.

#4 We Can Get This To Chart

I have plans on making sure this project ranks in the top 75 charts if you all follow along and hustle the way I really hope you will! This means you will be on a project that CHARTS.

What a great bragging right to have!

I cannot guarantee this but I can guarantee I have a PLAN that if we all follow WILL make this a reality for all of us. This is why I need everyone VERY involved and ready to help each other grow this for everyone’s career growth.

#5 I Am Ready, I Need You To Be Ready Too

I have the songs recorded already with all of my hooks and verses. If you were accepted to the tape we already have a spot in mind for you on a song.

We will do a live video call and I’ll show you the hook of the song and then I’ll send you the beat to record your verse onto.

#6 These Songs Will POTENTIALLY Spin On Dash Mixtape Radio

Obviously I have the hook up so all of these songs can possibly go into the Dash Mixtape Radio’s rotation. We are talking about almost 200,000 daily listeners here. My new single ‘Built Like This’ is already in the daily rotation.

It’s $297 a week for 1 spin a day and right now my song is in the regular rotation getting more than that.

#7 What Happens When The Song You Are On Is Finished?

When the song is completed we will make a lyric video for the song and the lyric video will be uploaded to my Rob Level YouTube channel where my music fans are.

It will also be promoted all week in the Smart Rapper videos in the intro.

It will be posted and promoted on @SmartRapper Instagram

It gets uploaded to ALL major streaming platforms.

It WILL NOT go onto the Smart Rapper Spotify or Apple Music.

*Instead it will get uploaded to the Rob Level pages where my music fans already are since I am spending so many marketing dollars pushing my own singles.

The song you are featured on will get the exposure from all of those new people dripping in daily.

Yes, that means I will be monetizing the songs fully. But the benefit is you are now linked on my main Spotify and other streaming service accounts when people stumble onto me and become a fan.

More importantly than all of that, you gotta help us push this thing and if you don’t know HOW it’s okay because I am going to give you a daily task list that you can do in order to help push this song as well as all of your future songs.

I need you to push THIS SONG until the entire tape is released. Then we all push the tape as a whole together.

#8 How Much Does It Cost To Be On The Mixtape?

If you read all of the information on all of the mixtape pages you already know how much it costs me in beats, production, mixing, mastering, executive producing, choose artists, placing you guys on the right songs and also marketing afterwards to everyone.

The Spot On The Tape Costs one thousand dollars flat. Most rappers would just charge you  a thousand and you wouldn’t get anything but a verse.

In this case you are getting a collab and 3 other artists promoting the song and exposure to my audience, Smart Rapper and my new fans I am gaining from my own individual single releases monthly.

#9 What Are My Options To Pay?

I understand not everyone has that much laying around.

If you don’t have the money to pay for the entire thousand up front, I totally get it.

What I am going to do for those of you who need to save a bit more I am going to allow you to put a down payment on the song spot to guarantee that YOU get to keep that spot for 30 days. It’ll be 1/4 the total cost so two hundred and fifty dollars is required to lock in your spot.

PLEASE DO NOT make the down payment if you do not believe you can have the rest in 30 days.

I have A LOT of songs ready and we have already lined the artists up and chosen who goes on which song.

If the other 2 artists already paid and have submitted their verses…. we can’t release the song until YOU do everything you need to do. That’s not fair to them.

On top of that I want to start dropping a song a week. If you are holding it up by 4 weeks… that’s NOT good for anyone.

I want these songs finished, I am excited to release them and I want this tape out to show the rest of Smart Rapper how amazing this is.

#10 What If I’m Ready To Pay The Full Price Right Now?

Those who are ready to lock down their spot will be able to Pay Thru PayPal and YES it will be as Friends And Family because this is a very serious project.

I know by now you know you can trust me so this shouldn’t be an issue and you should also understand from a business perspective why this is required with all the work going into it.

If you are ready to lock down your spot and get the beat sent to you and be shown the hook to get started, you can e-mail me

#11 What About Discounts?

It wouldn’t be fair to anyone if I gave you a discount and didn’t give it to the other 40+ artists. Plus this is worth WAY more I am already at the lowest possible price I will be at.

#12 What Happens After You Pay?

We will set up a time to do a 15 minute Skype or Zoom video call where I will show you the song we had in mind for you. Then I will send you the beat.

You are required to write and record your verses and everything else and then send me all of your vocal tracks DRY (with no effects on them) so they can be mixed into the song (Which me and my team will handle)

If you don’t know how to do that don’t worry I’m making a video to show you how to export the files properly.

By the way… if your verse sucks or is not good enough for the quality of the tape… I WILL make you re write and re record it. I’m on these songs and I have high standards for every song as well as the overall tape.

You were chosen for a reason out of A LOT of people for a reason. We know you are capable of GREAT so don’t put in any less!

Next Step?

E-mail me back @ where I’m sure we are already talking and let me know what you want to do.

– Rob Level

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