The Best Computer Set Up For Recording Music And Editing Videos

the best computerYour Computer For Recording Music And Editing Videos

I used to use an E-machines computer, then I had a laptop that got stolen by a police informant/thief/snitch when I was sleeping at a flop house. He stole everyone’s stuff. We woke up to the Xbox, Game Cube, anything worth money gone.

Random side note: I used to record and mix everyone’s music in Chicago Heights for them with my $10 Logitech mic and my laptop. lol 

Anyways then I lost that computer and got another crappy desktop. Then later I got a $300 used computer from someone and that was the computer I used to make ALL my music for Hibernation’s Over 1.


Point being, if you are using Adobe Audition that I already gave you, it is fine to use a cheaper computer. 🙂

Just make sure it is a decent computer that has at least 4GB of DDR3 RAM or higher and a 100GB Hard Drive.
My old computer was like 4 GB of DDR 2 and it ran Windows ME and it worked for me to make my break out mixtape. I still had an external hard drive to be safe back then too.

You can check Craigslist for computers! I bought a computer, speakers and 20″ flat screen monitor for $50 on craigslist right when I moved to Los Angeles.

When you are using BASIC software you can use a cheaper computer because the software doesn’t drain the RAM or eat at the processor.


When You Start Editing Video

Take into consideration that VIDEO takes WAY more computer power than editing AUDIO. So you will need a new computer or you need to make sure the first computer you buy is upgrade-able.

When I started editing video, I bought a Canon HV40 and a $80 Graphics card (make sure your computer has an open slot for it.) and installed it myself using Youtube Tutorials. Then I was able to start editing my own videos like my Ransom Remix Music Video that now has 500,000 views on Youtube. And since that was 2010 thats more like 5,000,000 views today.



1) For the artist who can’t afford much, Buy a computer from Craigslist for $100.

2) You can buy a portable laptop, preferably at least an i5 processor from this site where I have bought 2 laptops so far. Here is a link to their laptops that are $100-150 – Laptop Experience $100-$150 Laptops

3) You can go to best buy and buy a computer off the shelf. I am only mentioning this option so that you know I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT DO THIS.

There are SO many better deals for FASTER BETTER computers for cheaper than a computer at Best Buy that has to mark up their prices to cover over head.

4) I am going to recommend to you. I have purchased 2 completely custom computers from there and I am currently making this website from the first one I bought in 2010.

They ALWAYS have deals and you can customize EVERY SINGLE LITTLE piece of your computer from the case and inside light bulb color to the processor, amount of ram, liquid cooled ETC ETC ETC. Check it out!




You ONLY need a computer that is GOOD ENOUGH to record your music right now. Don’t go wasting money on an EXPENSIVE computer. Do that LATER after you have ALL your basic gear! Like I did.



Major Note

SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Every time you think about saving. You don’t know how many times I have lost lyrics, recordings, ideas and more simply from not pressing CONTROL+S. JUST SAVE, CONTANTLY. ALWAYS SAVE. You never know when your computer might freeze, ESPECIALLY if it’s a cheap computer.

I learned this the hard way from starting with super cheap ass computers like E-machines and ones like that.


You also NEED a back up HARD DRIVE MANDATORY! 

If you work for a year busting your ass to make these songs and your computer dies…. and you didn’t have your songs backed up… It could mess up everything for you.

You can store your music in a cloud… but if someone gets your password………….. You lost all your music. Better to have it in your physical hands where they have to plug it in THEN type in a password to get your files.


Did you ever hear the story about the Rapper Lloyd Banks losing his hard drive?

It was his ONLY copy of his music, he had two groupies sleep in his hotel room and when he woke up it was gone.

The Best Computer Set Up For Recording Music

He had to RE RECORD HIS ENTIRE 2ND ALBUM! He said his career was never the same because of that.

Every artist knows after you already have an entire album done to perfection……. Your perfect amount of energy and heart went into it and it won’t get ANY better. Re recording it wouldn’t have the same excited magic. That pretty much ended his career in the top level.



In 2008 when I was recording tons of music and songs. I used to burn all the songs files to a bunch of DATA CDs and mail them to my Aunts house. I did this to have them as back ups AND so if I had to go to court I had UNOPENED US MAIL time stamped proving I made that music.

You don’t need to do this NOW A DAYS. Get a hard drive!


Let’s remember, you are ESPECIALLY going to need these hard drives if you are going to start editing your own music videos which we talk about in Level 3. Video takes A LOT of space!

So you need a hard drive.


Here is the hard drive I currently own 2 of. (I have others)

If you have a PC this is specifically for you 

Click Here To Check It Out On Amazon


If you have a MAC This is specifically for you 

Click Here To Check It Out On Amazon

Major Note

Aside from TUBE ASSIST in Level 2. You WILL NEED a decent computer to run the software that I recommend you use to automatically gain fans. TUBE ASSIST‘s benefit is that it runs off of their website so you don’t need a computer. But all the other software I recommend to you in this guide, you will need a computer for.

I personally have a separate CHEAP laptop that runs all my softwares. 😀


I hope you enjoyed The Best Computer Set Up For Recording Music and I hope it gave you enough information to continue forward in your music journey! Good luck!

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