Cheap Buying Your Own DSLR Camera Budgets

DSLR Budgets For Buying Your Own DSLR Camera
And Camera Gear

Budgets For Buying Your Own Camera

The Following is the gear that I spent months researching to find out THE CHEAPEST stuff that I actually needed to shoot my own music videos.

I am passing this months of research and decisions I made onto you in this article. 

***I own ALL Of the gear below EXCEPT the 1.2 lens and Mark 3.***


Yes, there are cheaper cameras, but you don’t want a cheaper camera. You want something solid that has the best features at a starting videoagrapher level. That is the stuff I am recommending below.


DO NOT SKIMP AND GET SOME CHEAPER CAMERA. I have been through ALL the options, this is the BEST bang for your buck. Don’t be a cheap skate, I have already found the items to help you STRETCH your money through months of research.

buying a DSLR on a budget

But If you don’t believe me, Google reviews and comparisons yourself!

When I had $0, I spent MONTHS researching what camera was perfectly priced for the best quality and right for shooting my own music videos.




While you are working at your job saving money for the gear below, spend that time learning about how to use the camera and the gear. That’s what I did for music video equipment as well as my home studio. Don’t waste time, you’ll need it to move forward later as a music artist.


Here we go

Budget 1 – $650 – DSLR – Canon T5i

It comes with a 18-55mm STM Lens.

Only other lens you really need for a basic set up is a 50mm 1.8 I’ll list below
Canon T5i DSLR CameraCheck It Out On Amazon

Since this camera comes with a 18-55 Lense, right out of the box you can start shooting your own music videos after you get yourself a SD card that I show you below.

Some people who know about DSLR cameras may be wondering why I am recommending the Canon T5i DSLR and not the Canon T6i DSLR. The reason for that is there aren’t any HUGE upgrades from the Canon T5i DSLR to the Canon T6i DSLR.

More importantly, I know you are on a budget and want to save money buying a canon or any other DSLR camera. The Canon T5i DSLR Camera is $150 cheaper than the Canon T6i DSLR camera. It will be a solid camera for the next 3 years at the least and allow you to get everything you need done for shooting your music videos for yourself or friends.

Canon T6i DSLR Camera

In case you wanted to check out the Canon T6i DSLR Camera, here is a link to that as well.

Canon T6i DSLR Camera

Check It Out On Amazon


Camera Add Ons You WILL Want

What Just Happened EMOJI

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Fixed Camera Lens
(Fixed means it doesn’t zoom, it is fixed at 50mm)

Canon EF 50mm 1.8 Lens
50mm 1.8 lens

Check It Out On Amazon

Honestly, you can shoot amazing videos with just the t5i and this lens. It is worth $300 compared to the other lenses I studies. The next step up is $800 for the 1.4 and it’s not even much better. The Canon 50mm 1.2 lens is where it’s at, but that is freaking $1,500.
Canon EF 50mm 1.2 Lens

50mm 1.2 lens

Check It Out On Amazon

I rented the 50mm 1.2 lens when I shot God Fearing. SOOOOOOOO Clean!!!!!


Memory Cards / SD Cards To Save Footage

SanDisk Extreme 60MB 32GB CardCheck It Out On Amazon

In order to record footage to your camera you will need a sandisk card to do so. I need you to know that you can’t just use ANY card to store the footage. You need a card that has the ability to store what your camera is producing. So the card speed for a your Canon T5i DSLR Camera needs to be at least 60MB sec.

I recommend at least 1 32GB card but it’s better to have 2 or 3. This is to save time while you are out shooting. If you have to spend 30 minutes transferring footage every hour… you are wasting everyone’s time.


Major Note
DO NOT GET A 64GB CARD. You run the risk of the card dying on you and losing all your footage. Instead, buy 2 32GB Cards or even a bunch of 16GB cards. I’ve read on dozens of forums of the dangers of buying the BIGGER card. While it may be VERY RARE…. Why chance it.

These cards used to cost around $50-$100 and I was stupid enough to pay for it. But I needed it…. lol. You can get them now for less than $20. Good ol’ technology advancements. 😀


Extra Batteries for the camera are a must

canon t4i t5i t6i battery
Check It Out On Amazon

I recommend you just buy the grip handle that comes with 2 batteries. It gives your camera more battery life plus it is heavier so you can really grip it.

Grip handle that is also a battery extender
+ Two batteries with it.

canon grip t4i t5i t6i battery
Check It Out On Amazon

If you click the picture it goes to Amazon for more details. 


An Adapter Light
For shooting in the dark + Extra Light

This thing has a dimmer switch so you can go SUPER BRIGHT or Super light.

I own 2 of these! I LOVE THEM!

But they do take a bunch of AA batteries so stock up on rechargeable batteries.

It slides right onto the top of your camera and then you turn on the light on the side.

lighting for dslr camera

Check It Out On Amazon

These little lights help you add lighting to ANY situation. You can even use them as HARD CORE flash lights. They will light up an entire factory when they are set on their highest setting.

Basic Lighting
basic photography lighting kit

Click Here To Check It Out On Amazon

You WILL need lighting. It is key! Plus it is always amazing to have. If you ever plan on green screening you will need this kit AT THE MINIMUM.


Camera Rigs

I made my own rig, It cost me about $300. I never even use it lol.

Even though it looks cool as fuck. There is so much more room to maneuver when using a DSLR hand held. A steady cam would have been a much better investment.

But if you want the one I got that I continued to customize here it is

You Can See In The Picture This Is A Rig That I Own
(It now costs a 1/3 what it did in 2013)

home made DSLR camera rig

Check It Out On Amazon

I bought a camera rig, was super excited, customized it from scratch, got it, ripped it apart and remade it super sick.

I Spent around $400 making it, then I realized It just looks cool and I have absolutely no use for it when shooting my own music videos because hand held shooting works better for all of the shots I wanted to get.

Just being honest 🙂 as always.

Steady Cam
Keeps the camera steady when moving with it for smooth shots.

home made DSLR steady cam mount

If you click the picture it goes to Amazon for more details. 

MUST OWN a tripod. 60″ or higher.

home made dslr camera tripod

If you click the picture it goes to Amazon for more details.


Budget 2 – $3,500

I have rented this camera numerous times. It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! 

I shot half of my God Fearing Music Video with it. You can see the insane quality even in the intro.

If you have this much money to spend on camera gear, I recommend getting a Canon 5D Mark III

This thing will make piss floating in a toilet look great. That isn’t even a joke….. Also, You can use the same 50mm lens from the previous part if you’d like.


canon 5d mark 3 dslr camera for rappersCheck It Out On Amazon


The other $1,000 in this budget you should invest in some good lenses. But the lenses you will choose depend on your style of shooting. You can do Nikon Or Canon I am just more of a Canon Camera and Gear fan.


If anyone wants to buy this camera for me and help me make the dream happen easier 🙂 Please feel free to check out my Amazon Wish List. You’ll notice this camera was the 1st thing I put into the wish list. Because it is that amazing. If you do buy it for me I’ll love you forever 😀 Novi’s Amazon Help Me Make It Wish List


Wrapping Up

Those are my choices for gear that you will need! Like I said at the start. This is the gear that I spent months researching to find out THE CHEAPEST stuff that I actually needed to shoot my own music videos.

I am here to help you speed up the process of gaining a fan base. I have probably made every mistake you will make during this self music video shooting process. I made the mistakes of letting all the wrong people shoot my videos too.

Take this information I struggled to learn and use it so you don’t have to struggle.

People know life held me back, yea, noV did that/
So hopefully you wouldn’t have to go through that/ 😛

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