Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Verse From A Bigger Name Rapper | Tech 9 and J Cole Examples

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Verse From A Bigger Name Rapper

why to buy a versecollabbing with big rappers

1) Expanding Your Fan Base Exponentially

Duh, Right!? The main reason to collab with an artist (aside from wanting to do a track with them because you respect them) is that you want to be able to gain fans from their fan base.

This is especially the case when it comes to paying for a collaboration with a bigger name artist.

You are spending the money for all of the benefits I am listing in this article.

If you want to know how to find out collab prices of artist check this out.


2) Social Credibility And Bragging Rights

This collab track being on your next project is going to help you get more downloads and attract more fans.

When you start marketing the album you get to use the other artist name by saying “My mixtape is coming out featuring artists like _____ and ____” and that entices people to want to hear your project.

It makes it look like you are doing big things because either you have relationships with these bigger name rappers or you somehow had money to pay them for collabs, either way you look bigger than your local neighborhood artist.


This is why when artist don’t have ANY features on an album it’s a bragging right.

They are selling the units 100% off of their OWN name and no using someone else’s to boost their sales. Look at J Cole projects or Nas’ Illmatic as an example.

Then look at how they get to brag forever about how they did that.


Now let’s look at when Tech 9 really exploded.

He has been around since the early 90’s and had a really strong underground following but he didn’t blow up to STAR level until the release of his 6s and 7s album.

So what made that album blow him up? Well he bought collabs from every relevant rapper out at the time in order to gain more buzz for the album.


Let’s look at the list of artists featured on that album:


JL of B. Hood




Busta Rhymes


Twisted Insane



Kendrick Lamar


First Degree the D.E.

Stokley Williams of Mint Condition

Liz Suwandi

Lil Wayne


Krizz Kaliko

Stevie Stone


Snoop Dogg

Jay Rock

Kutt Calhoun

Nikkiya Brooks

Blind Fury

Mackenzie Nicole

Big Scoob

Chino Moreno & Stephen Carpenter of Deftones


Ces Cru



Brotha Lynch Hung


33 Artist features on 1 album (including bonus tracks and extended versions of the album) which is also 33 more fan bases talking about and spreading his project.

It clearly worked.


3) A Sharing Ability For A Whole New Fan Base

You can now take the song with the verse you got from the other rapper and actually start promoting it to HIS fan base and the fan bases of other artist that artist has collabbed with.

They are definitely willing to click on the video/song if you send it to them because it is something from an artist they like that they haven’t heard yet.

To gain fans 1 by 1 I would literally hand send it to every single person’s inbox on Facebook, Instagram and even Tweet it at them on Twitter. Every new click could be a new fan of you.

Don’t think about this as spamming, think about this as getting the most bang for your buck and establishing relationships.

You paid X amount of dollars to get that rapper on a song and the deal probably only came with a small post up or no post at all. (depending on the deal made and the size of the artist.)


4) Name Attachment For More Collaborations

You can now use your track with that artist in order to influence other big artist to work with you.

You can reach out to artists that THAT rapper has already collabbed with and say “Hey, I just collabbed with _____, I’d love to get you on a track too!” and they are more likely to hop on a track with you since you look more ‘inside’ the industry.


5) One Less Verse You Have To Write

Looking back at the Tech 9 album it’s kind of funny to think that he also saved a lot of time not having to write all of those verses and hooks because other artists did the work there.

If you want your song to just be 2 verses, you can write 1 and pay the other artist to do the other one. You just saved 15 minutes to a few hours of time (depending on how much time you take to write your verses)


If you want to find out how much certain rappers charge for a verse check out my article on it!


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