I don’t want to overwhelm you with fancy graphics so…

Here is a text list of the Rapper Shortcut’s benefits to you.

(Sale Starts Black Friday and Ends December 2nd At Midnight)  

Imagine If You Had Me As Your Mentor*

You’ll Learn ALL Of This… 

  1. You’ll know every single step in your journey and never be confused about what to do
  2. How to be the most well known rapper in your city 
  3. CEO Time Management Techniques 
  4. The 55 Main Things Every Artist Needs To Know In Their First Year 
  5. How Have Unshakable Confidence On The Mic
  6. Basics Of Rapping 
  7. Advanced Rapping 
  8. How To Find Your Creative Zone And Always Have Energy To Work On Music
  9. Home Studio budgeting guide ($50 to $15,000 List) 
  10. How to be your own publicist 
  11. How to build your credit to fund your music career
  12. How to find investors
  13. How record labels perfectly release singles for their artists 
  14. How To set up an entire home studio so it’s a pro studio 
  15. How To Use Pro Tools In Just 30 Minutes
  16. How To Convert Anyone Into A Fan Of Your Music
  17. How Label Artists Gain, Convert And Retain Fans 
  18. How to choose the best beats for your rap voice and style 
  19. How to find unique rap flows 
  20. How to set up and build a fan catcher
  21. How to do your own photo shoots with just your phone 
  22. The Lyricist Effect/Method: How to write wordplay and punchlines for the “lyricist” effect. 
  23. How To Flow perfectly On Any Beat 
  24. How to copyright your music the right way
  25. How to trademark 
  26. How to get people to take you seriously as a rapper 
  27. How to do songwriting split sheets with artists
  28. How publishing works
  29. How to build an email list and get people to sign up 
  30. All the ways to make money from your music 
  31. How to set up BMI/Ascap, your publishing
  32. How to properly distribute your music to every streaming platform like Spotify and Apple music
  33. How to get your music placed in Movies, TV and video games
  34. How to come up with 25 new song ideas everyday 
  35. How to start tracking data to gain fans using Facebook, Youtube and Instagram pixels
  36. How to identify the best song melodies 
  37. How to write songs from start to finish
  38. Professional Song Arrangement Secrets 
  39. How to freestyle
  40. How to find your rap voice
  41. How to use a melody organizer 
  42. How to record yourself properly
  43. How to mix your own music
  44. How to master your own music
  45. The best plugins for mixing yourself
  46. Rob’s Mixing And Mastering Plugin Cheat Sheet 
  47. How to brand yourself
  48. How to find your brand message
  49. How to fully make your own lyric videos 
  50. How to know which songs are your singles and which to throw away 
  51. How to set up promotion and marketing assets for all of your music releases
  52. How to get your own logo made
  53. How to make your own single and album artwork
  54. How to choose the perfect style and image for your brand
  55. How to choose a rap name that actually fits you
  56. How to start a website
  57. How to make an online store to sell your T shirts and more  
  58. How to start a record label and write everything off on taxes
  59. Hip Hop Blog Marketing
  60. Spotify Marketing 
  61. SoundCloud Marketing
  62. Facebook Marketing 
  63. YouTube Marketing 
  64. Instagram Marketing
  65. Tik Tok Marketing 
  66. How to network
  67. How to book shows 
  68. Pills To Take Rap Better
  69. Get the Pro Tools template used by platinum songwriters
  70. How to create ad material that gets clicked and gains fans
  71. How to set up YouTube ads
  72. How to set up Facebook ads
  73. How to set up Instagram ads
  74. How to set up Spotify ads
  75. how to overcome doubts and fears
  76. how to make parents and everyone be okay with you rapping
  77. How to overcome self sabotage
  78. Where to buy clothing to sell to your fans at the best prices
  79. How to make money off of everything you learn in the rapper shortcut… 

At this point I’m getting tired of typing and there is WAY MORE THAN 100!

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