How Much $$$ Do I Make As A Rapper A Month? [You Won’t Believe It]

How Much Money Rappers Make From iTunes SpotifyTHIN LINE

1) How much money Do rappers make from iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, and online stores? 

2) Can you make a living being a rapper? | Absolutely Yes, you’ll see. 

3) How do rappers get paid and how much do I make?

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So How Much Money Rappers Make From iTunes, Spotify, and other online stores? It suddenly hit me how much more seriously people would take if I showed them that I am making a living off of my music. When you see that someone is actually making money from something it shows that they truly know what they are doing.

It is that moment on Shark Tank when everyone completely doubts the idea until the person says “We have sold $500,000 in product since last year.” and Mr. Wonderful’s face changes to a sneaky confused smirk, then two minutes later he offers them a shitty deal lol

I was sitting here and went to collect my money from my bi-monthly album sales and was like… omg… I just need to show them this number… This proves I am a successful artist aside from the songs I’ve written for major artists and the websites I’ve been featured on and the 12,000,000+ YouTube views across all of my YouTube channels.

See, I know how hard I work, I know how much money I make a month as a rapper and I know how much work I have put in to get here. Ostensibly I may seem like just another rapper to you. From that viewpoint, I can assume you really haven’t listened to my music or seen how far I have truly come by checking out my life story.


But let’s forget about all of that for a minute.
Numbers don’t lie. 

So I want to show you how much money I actually make a month as a rapper.


People ask me what I do ‘Besides rap’ since they think I can’t live off of the money. When I tell them “The fuck do you mean “Besides rap?” music is all I do… I am an artist 100% of the time. There is nothing else I need to do. I poured my heart and soul into becoming an artist to inspire people and tell my story.” 😀

Then they look confused as I smile mischievously because of them underestimating me like people did my whole life. I assume they underestimated you too, and I made Smart Rapper to help you prove them wrong.

Those people don’t understand the ways that how rappers make money when he has a fan base full of amazing people who believe in him/her.

how do I make money as a rapper

1) So how much money do I make from my music being on all online stores?

At least over $1,000+ in total a month just from stores. 

Spotify Payments Nov

That happens twice a month. I’d also like to point out that is only my Villainism album. Haha, I am just now uploading my other albums to this account. Also, my newest album is uploaded under RBC Records account who backs Tech 9 and they pay me out every few months as well. 🙂

This money comes from iTunes, Xbox Music, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, and every other online music marketplace.

songwriting for other artist

2) I write songs for other people and get paid publishing and royalty checks. 

This is a huge way how rappers make money. The song my right-hand guy and I wrote for Jordyn Jones makes us serious dough. It got placed on a TV show on ABC called ‘Kevin From Work’ and we made $6,000 from that alone. It was also placed in 2 movies so far and we get paid from the streams on the music video which has nearly 4 million views so far in 2 months. She has a fan base of almost 2 million people so Imagine what those first-week numbers felt like in our pockets 😉

I’d also like to point out that I haven’t released an album or any material in a year. Literally 1 year, 6 days from now. So imagine how much money I make when I release a new project.

merchandise rapper sales

3) I make money from merchandise

Like T-shirts and autographed Hard copies of albums. I sell a few of those a week. 

how much do rappers make from Youtube

4) We haven’t even talked about the money I make from YouTube streams every month

How Much Money Rappers Make From YouTube

So last month I made almost $200 on YouTube alone and this month I made about $120.

Rap artist money iTunes Spotify

Not bad. Especially since I haven’t released a music video in a year.

How Much Money Rappers Make From iTunes Spotify… A surprise wasn’t it! haha 😀

Smart rapper ideas and money

5) Smart Rapper 

Aside from the TON of free information I provide to upcoming rappers, a lot of rappers hit me up and want personal advice. I charge them $35-50 per 30 minutes (Or what they can afford) and we talk about whatever they need advice on, face to face, on Skype.

I sell probably 15-30 Skype sessions a month and make around $1,000

This is because I have 10+ years of being a self-made rapper. I have knowledge artists that are HUGE and making millions of dollars don’t even have. This is because I did it all myself, they had someone else do it all for them.

People like me and you… don’t have people to do it for us… So I learned every tiny little thing that comes with being a self-made artist. They didn’t. And I teach people on Smart Rapper. That is exactly what gave me the confidence to make Smart Rapper.

You’d be surprised how many industry artists that are household names are completely clueless about 99% of everything except shows and simply making songs. There are 1,000 other things that go along with it.

That’s why I made a ton of courses like these ones

1) How to write punchlines and mulits – Which has almost 4 hours of video 

2) How to write entire songs step by step from scratch that includes the above as just the first part of the 3 part course. [It’s finished and releasing soon – check this page to see if it’s out yet]

3) How to find your best and coolest rap voice in 15 minutes which also has an audiobook so you don’t even have to read it

4) A list of 200+ Hip Hop Blog Emails that I handpicked as an up and coming rapper. It took me 7 days to handpick those. I took my time to do it and was like, wow, I can sell this to people who actually need it and get those 7 days of time back in my life. Smart!

And many more things. 


I have the experience and proof of expertise to sell the products I make. That’s the only reason I can honestly make them. I can show you a time in my rap career where all of those things were scary and I had to overcome them all and work my ass off to find the answers.

I share those answers so you can learn faster. It’s totally worth the $. I know I would have paid 3 times what I charge if I could have 10 years of a guy’s mistakes and information at my fingertips.

We ask for money because I took a 1/3 of a year out of my life to learn to create websites and create this entire website and create the articles and videos and marketing for a website. I had to make up for that loss of income in my life by selling something, it’s only fair. 🙂

Just like everything else I have ever done, I put 100% into all of it. I mean, I never thought I could make a website like this… But I did because I worked my ass off to make it.

I know that this stuff doesn’t exist anywhere else on the entire internet, especially not from someone who has the credentials I do and has really made it as a self-made artist.

selling my rap knowledge

People will buy one item to see if they can trust me, LOVE the quality of the content, and then buy more stuff. Like so 

BNuy 2
Buy 1

People buy bundles of stuff

writing course etc

Some people buy the middle-level courses

lyric writing course

Some people buy the higher end courses I provide in order to grow faster than everyone else. $297 Price tag.

course buy
the buzz effect for rappers

6) The Buzz Effect

When I am buzzing and everyone has their eyes on me because I am constantly releasing material and people are excited and see a ton of stuff happening, all of the above numbers literally go up 10-100 times what they currently are because everyone is talking about me and thinking about listening to me and buying my music and merchandise.

That’s when you really make money. 

As I said, these numbers are just from releasing an album LAST year. I haven’t released a rap album since LAST YEAR and that was the last time I even had a smidgen of buzz around me.

How Much Money Rappers Make From iTunes Spotify? It’s been answered!

wrapping up

Can you get rich being a rapper?

Uhm, absolutely. You just have to work your ass off and keep believing in yourself when times get tough and push through to become the best artist and person you possibly can.

I am just now coming up to the pinnacle moment in my music artist | rap career where everything is perfectly aligned to get to the top level. After years of hard work, I have made it this far and I am already making a living from it.

Imagine how much I’ll be making when I pop off.

In the next 6 months, I will be making 100s of thousands of dollars a month.

I knew this time was coming and it is yet another reason I made Smart Rapper before it all happened when I wouldn’t have time to create it.

I will continue to provide you with information on how and what I do and the things I learn. So make sure that you sign up so I can keep you updated. You also get all the goodies when you sign up just as a bonus.

That is how rappers make money. Congradulations, you are now a smarter rapper.

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