How Do I Choose The Best Beat For Me To Write And Record to?

choosing the best beatHow Do I Choose The Best Beat To Write And Record to?

These are the questions to ask yourself before writing to a beat

1) Do you 100% feel it and vibe to it?

When you hear the beat does it make you feel something that just makes you say that you need to make something to it? Those are the only beats I make songs too!

2) Does your voice fit on that beat?

Not all beats work for all people. Before you choose a beat to make a song too, make sure that your voice is going to fit on that beat. There is really no way to tell you how. You just have to have an ear from knowing and that comes from a lot of practice and going through beats and also recording to find your style.

3) Is it your ‘Type’ of beat?

If you mostly do laid back real talk Hip Hop songs than there is a chance that doing a Club beat isn’t really a good choice for you. Choose a beat that fits your style and brand. That is, unless you can conform your ‘style’ to that beat and pull it off. Which is completely possible

4) Would people YOU know listen to it?

Before I spend my time completing a song I consider if my fans would actually vibe to it too or if It’s just me. Don’t over think it, but try to put yourself in your fans shoes.

Would you drive around and listen to it? Could you hear it bumping out of a car driving by you? Can someone just sit in their dorm room and chill listening to it? Can it be played at a party and get everybody hype?

5) Is the beat available?

I hate to say it but I have lost a few songs to this issue. I would make songs and then the songs would sit in a folder for 2 years. I would decide to use the song, then go to buy the beat and it was sold.

That sucks because I can’t release songs with the tags on the beats, I am way too far passed that threshold and I would look way too amateur. So I lose the song and have to deal with it.

So make sure before you make a song to a beat, that the beat is available to at least lease.

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