How To Gain 10,000 Fans In 3 Months!

How To Gain 10,000 Fans In 3 Months!

How To Gain 10,000 Fans In 3 Months! Transcript

Up gang? In this video, I’m gonna give you step by step strategies to go viral and build a fan base for yourself in a matter of just a few months. Oh, God. This is tried, tested this. It works.

Alright? And I’m gonna give you all the resources that you need in this video, as well as a secret music industry cheat code. Really, a cheat code if you watch to the end of this video. But first, I’m Rob Lovell, an artist just like like you, and this is Smart Rapper. Now, if you haven’t already, help me and help more artists like me and you by subbing and joining the gang.

Alright? Almost 450,000 subscribers, Over 50,000,000 views. Feels beautiful. Couldn’t have done without you. Make us the biggest channel and platform helping music artists.

Millions of music artists. Alright? And just real quick, so you take my advice a little bit more seriously, I’ve been named by Lil Nas X, 24 ks Golden, and tons of other huge artists, and I’m gonna help you get to that level. And I watch this man everyday. His tips work on God.

I love you, man. And you help a lot of people out here, bro. Alright. Let’s get into it. Alright?

Step by step how to build a music fan base in just a few months. Now first, I wanna explain you how this is all possible. How it’s feasible. How it’s basically guaranteed to work. Okay?

As long as your music is good. Okay. Clarify that. If music sucks, you can’t promote it, don’t promote it, please. I don’t know what you wanna say it.

Get good then promote. But the best, proven, and most guaranteed way of marketing music that guarantees real people are hearing you and real people are seeing you is by running ads. You don’t have to run ads. I’m just throwing it at you so it seeds in your mind. Okay?

And it’s way easier than you think it is. Okay? Just throwing that out there. I’m not selling you nothing. Alright?

Now you don’t have to worry about this part till later, but I wanna show you something so you understand that you really can start getting heard. Did you know that you can actually run your song, any song that you have in front of any other song on YouTube, no matter who the artist is? Now this is actually really simple to do because whenever you create a new ad, all you do is scroll down where it says placements. And then the placements category, I type in the name of the artist that I wanna put my song in front of. When you get here, you’re gonna choose an artist that your music sounds like or has songs that your music sounds like.

Let’s use Drake as an example here. Right here, if I wanna run-in front of Drake and 21 Savage’s Rich Flex song that has 38,400,000 views on it, I can do that. So if my song sounds anything like that song, I can actually just checkbox that song and market my song to it. Then I think of a whole bunch of other songs that my stuff sounds like, and I market to those as well. Did you know you can actually do that?

And it’s not even complicated at all. This makes sure that you’re getting heard by the right audience who already likes that style and sound of music. And as for YouTube ads, it’s really that easy. I’m serious. But how much more powerful would it be if you were doing ads and putting your music in front of someone else’s fan base, but that song also happened to have a collab from that actual artist?

Stick with me here. Bear with me. Alright? They’re gonna become a fan. Again, if you’re good.

Okay. Try to be good. Alright? Number 1. Be good.

Number 2 though. So let me talk about the benefits to you of collabing with any artist to grow your fan base. And then in the rest of this video, I will explain step by step how to do this easily. Okay? So here is the first benefit to you of actually collabing with artists.

Okay? The number one benefit to you with especially with what I’m about to show you, this bypasses passes the 8 barriers of hate that you usually have to get past in a new listener before they become a fan. Okay? Because you have a collaboration with somebody, so you’ll gain the fan, literally, 8 times faster and spend a lot less money marketing. Right?

Number 2, you are basically cosigned by that artist by having that feature, which massively propels number 1. Okay? Benefit number 3 to you is gonna be people take you more seriously as an artist who is in the game, not just making music to try to get in. Because you can say that you have songs with these artists. And the more of them that you get, the more collaborations, the more seriously somebody takes you.

And if you haven’t noticed that, somebody else has a collab with somebody that you know the name of, how much more seriously do you take them? Okay? And your 4th benefit is depending on the artist, you can get street credibility by having a song with someone who’s from the street. Alright? Massively beneficial.

And I think you already understand why that’s beneficial. Okay? And number 5, how good will your Spotify look with a bunch of your songs, or even just the top song, having a big arts feature on it. Okay? When people hit your Spotify, they’re taking you more seriously when they see that on your Spotify.

So if you only get one good collab, and it’s at the top, you’re which it probably will be at the top, people are gonna take you more seriously. Right? Also, how many more song stages are you gonna get in the playlist if another artist is on your song? There have a 1000000 white people out there right now. Now, in order for you to do this strategy, to work for you, to gain fans as fast as possible, you have to do these exact things to maximize it.

So step 1 of this is to choose the artist and get the collab from them, or at least know who you wanna collab with and start saving up for it. Woah. Okay? Could take a month. Doesn’t matter.

Well, that’s when you’re gonna be able to start doing it. Right? In a month, maybe 2 months, it’s fine. Got a strategy for you. Step 2 is to understand how to use that feature that you will be promoting that has your song and the artist collaboration on it.

Okay? Now, this is crucial. Come on. Because this is the song that is converting the new people who are hearing it into a fan. And you have to hit all of these key things to grab their attention and make them come and listen pause.

Make them listen to more of your music. Right? You don’t just want them to listen to one song. You wanna have a strategy that gets them to the rest of your music so they can hear more of your stuff, connect and relate, become a super fan. Now most people make this mistake or they would make this mistake, and I’m not gonna let you make this mistake.

It’s a white smart rapper. Right? You already know. If you already know, you know. These tips work on God.

Alright. But make sure that when you get a feature, the feature is the first verse on the song. Not you. They’re not coming for you yet. They will.

1st verse has to be the feature. You’re welcome. Now why? Obviously, because when somebody clicks it, they wanna hear that artist. And if they get through a whole verse of that artist, well, now they’re already vibing with the song.

They’re gonna get to your verse. And if you’re good, it’ll continue on. They can say the song. You get get me? So they’re the main attraction.

Later, you’re gonna be the main attraction. Alright? Plus, when ran, in combination with the stuff that I show you worth or if you do it on your own, you go run ads. So what happens is if you run an ad on a, say, YouTube video and they don’t watch 30 seconds of it, you don’t have to pay for the ads, man. Come on, now dawg.

You don’t have to pay. If they watch 30 seconds of it, that’s the only time you have to pay. And guess what? If that verse is first was the typical verse length. 44 seconds.

Okay? That’s past 30 seconds. They’re listening. They’re getting past that threshold and you’re gonna get a view on your music, a real view from a real person being marketed to their fan base. Alright?

This type of strategy is how I got over 20,000,000 views. It just well, it’s actually almost a 21,000,000 views on my music video for a screw up true story. Oh, my God. Alright? That’s how I get all my YouTube plaques.

Alright? So I get a bunch of Spotify plaques. All this stuff gets 6, 7 Spotify plaques. This stuff works. Now let’s pretend that you have a collaboration from an artist you wanna have a collab with.

Right? And then you’re running an ad for it. I get 10000 people to see my music for a dollar. And about a 1000 of those people watch over 30 seconds. So I get a 1,000 views.

First of all, I get exposure to 10,000 people, and I get a 1,000 real views that go onto the video really on YouTube Yes, sir. For a dollar. You spend $10, 10 1,000 views, a 100,000 people have seen your music and seen your name. I have all the data to prove this, and you can see the numbers on the video. Again, the song has to be good.

But with the collaboration, it’s gonna excel that. Right? Because the whole thing is you have to keep their attention. You’re fighting for attention with everyone else. Right?

So another quick trick for utilizing this strategy is to put the person who you’re getting the feature from as the first name and make it look like it’s featuring you. So it looks like their song. It’ll get clicked way more often and also potentially come up inside of the algorithm in a search as a new song. Right? And you could change the video title back anytime that you want to.

So not only do you have to put the verse first, and potentially it’s your choice to put them in the title, you have to do step 3, which is to understand how to to create the music video or, more realistically, the lyric video that you’ll make for this song that you’re gonna be promoting. Whether or not you run ads no matter what, what I’m about to show you and what I can show you will get you way more people to listen to your music. Because remember, this is gonna be the video that you’re gonna run-in front of people. Right? And you only have about 5, 10 seconds for them to really get interested, and then maybe click away.

That’s the problem. Right? So the trick is here is to make sure that the first five seconds are incredibly visually stimulating. And I’m gonna share in the same secret with you right now that I did that you can do, and I have a tutorial. It’s actually the next video I’m shooting after this, So it’ll be on this channel.

I’m a show you. Okay? It’s so cool. And it’s really easy to do. Okay?

Because you’re so blessed to be allowed right now. You can create amazing visually stimulating videos for free using AI. You almost can’t even look away from this video when it’s in front of you. And when I run this song as an ad, the view rate for most people is over 75% of the video. Meaning, as soon as somebody sees it as an ad, they watch 75% of the video on average.

It’s insane. We’re talking about even the strangers. Alright? And you can do the same thing. Right?

The video showing you step by step how I made this is gonna be for free in the description of this video. And this is super easy. And more importantly, when you create these visuals for a feature, or any of your songs, you can use it for any of your songs. Okay? It’s gonna amplify the feeling of your music to gain you fans faster.

Because people are going to emotionally attach to the lyrics when you use the AI to create it the way that I show you. And it’s free. The tutorial’s free. Really won’t cost you anything to eat to make. What a?

So again, step 3 is understanding to make the lyric video just right using AI to do all the work for you. Keep people visually stimulated to become a fan of you faster and really connect with your lyrics. Okay? So now you’re gonna have a video that you can promote to people. Ones that they can’t ignore.

Alright? So now it’s time for number 4. It wasn’t supposed to rhyme on purpose, but after you create this video, you are gonna create YouTube ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, or just create content in general, and you’re gonna target the fan base of the artist that you have the feature from. You’re gonna put this song in front of them and start absorbing their fan base. Okay?

And let me show you how crazy easy it is to actually put your music in front of some of these fan base and YouTube ads in under 60 seconds. Okay? Watch. Let’s use Drake as an example here. Right here, if I wanna run-in front of Drake and 21 Savage’s Rich Flex song that has 38,400,000 views on it, I can do that.

So if my song sounds anything like that song, I can actually just checkbox that song and market my song to it. Then I think of a whole bunch of other songs that my stuff sounds like, and I market to those as well. And the thing is though is that you just leave this running, and then you watch yourself start gaining fans while you’re sleeping. This is why ads are so crazy powerful. You set it, Come on.

And then you forget it. Come on. And then you come back to fans. I mean, that’s how I have over 20,000,000 views. You think I’m sitting every day monitoring the views?

There’s only a $5.10 ad spent on that video and it’s over 20,000,000 views. Yeah. It took time. It took 2 years, but it was sitting in the background. Woah.

Okay? If you want a bunch of free training that I made on how to actually set up YouTube ads, I give a bunch of free videos. And then if you wanna get the master class, you can. The link for that cheat sheet and all those free videos is gonna be below this video along with all the other resources. Okay?

Now step 5 is to repeat this exact process by getting another collab, then creating AI video. Then I’m running ads to absorb the bigger artist fan base over and over again, right, from the bottom up until you’re as big as those artists that you buying features from are. Okay? So you start small, you buy features for a $100, absorb their fan base, promote their fan base, move to $200, $300, and then start growing your fan base. Alright?

Because what happens is, then you start making your money back because you start selling features for $500 a pop. 10 a month and you’re making $5,000 a month and you can quit your day job. Oh, god. You know you can write 10 verses a month, and you know that if you’re popping, you could sell 10. Right?

Because you could show people how to use this video to absorb a fan base and say buy a feature and then do what Rob tells you how to do. And they’re gonna buy that, oh, yeah. That’s a good idea. Show them how they can use your verse to grow their fan base with this video. Now it’s time for the music industry cheat code.

Thank you. As I promised you, there is a shortcut to getting collabs for way less money from big name artist. Alright? There’s 2 ways to do this. First of all, because a smart rapper, I have the info in connection to almost every single artist.

Okay? So there’s a link below this video that goes to a page where I can get you the price for any artist. Why? Because they’ll respond to my DM or they’ll respond to my call. Okay?

I’m in these major artist circles. I was just sitting next to Future, Wiz Khalifa, Russ. There was way more people than that. And that was just like a month ago. Right?

But I know people in all these circles as well as these smaller artist circles or I can DM them. I can get the prices. I can align and set that up for you. Okay? This is something I never really offered before, but making this video, I was like, why not do that?

Okay? Because I can have somebody in my team DM them for me. It’s not really gonna take me any energy to help you out. Okay? The second trick, which is way easier to do, is to get the features from someone who has already legally did all that work for you.

And has what’s called a licensable collab. Okay? The people who do these types of deals typically spend, seriously, up to around $50,000 just to get their hands on these collaborations to align the artist with their brand and be able to sell those verses. And with these, yeah, a lot of people buy these verses, but if you change up the beat, you change up different elements, you get the collaboration. If you’re a producer, you get the beat credit for the person because they’re actually on one of your beats, and more.

And you don’t have to spend $50,000. So below this video are links to current licensable features from artists that are coming from people I trust and I know are reliable. And if you know a smart rapper, I don’t ever cosign anything or anyone. And if I ever do, it is rare. You could probably only count in your hand over the last 7, 8 years when I have Smart Reber, what I’ve cosigned.

Okay? But to accompany this strategy, I wanted you to have an easy way to test this strategy and see that it works to gain fans. Because you need to be able to get your hands on these features, whether it’s me connecting with the person, you DMing the person, or me showing you how to get these. Okay? And some of the available features that you can get the bragging rights and fan bases from, and the links as of making this video.

And they’re gonna change as they go. And some of these features, legitimate with cosigns with videos proving they’re real and paperwork to Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Shoreline Mafia, Benny the Butcher, Conway, Boosie, Stone of Vegas, and way more. And you’re only gonna know which ones are available right now by clicking the links in the description. There’s gonna be 2 links. Okay?

Because there’s only 2 people I know that do this legitimately. 4 artists like you and me. Okay? Now usually you would pay, for some of these features, like $10,000. Damn.

Realistically. Okay? But again, that’s why they they spend so much more money to be able to license the verses. Okay? But the crazy thing is you get a bunch of the benefits and a ton of the bragging rights of all of these features for usually under $200.

Are you serious? You can get more than one as well. You can get all of these credits for that much, like It’s ridiculous. Okay? Again, these are real.

They are not AI. And there’s video proof from the artist that these are real as well as paperwork. Okay? Now, let me clear something up. You may think, well, if other people have the verse, it’s not unique.

But that’s not true at all because you could put it on your own beat. Alright? And you can make the beat. And if you make the beat, you also get the producer credit for it. So you not only do you have the feature as an artist, you could have a producer credit.

Okay? You get to say that you made beats for a song that the artist is on. Okay? Also, who is gonna know that you licensed that verse? Nobody.

It’s the same thing as you buying the verse. You’re paying for it from the artist either way. Right? And then you get to say that you have a song with them and then that makes fans of theirs take you more seriously. It’s that simple.

Now, there will be more available from big name artist. Every couple months for a limited time, there’s other ones available because they can only license it so many times according to the contractual agreement that they have. But whatever licensable features are available right now, I’m gonna always read the links to those for you. So I don’t know what’s gonna be available at this moment you’ve seen this video, but if you click one of the two links below or check out both links, it’ll bring you to whatever licenses are available right now. Okay?

Alright. So quick round up. In the description below this video are gonna be 5 links for you. Resources that are gonna help you. Alright?

Number 1 is my full super tutorial on how to make free AI lyric and music videos like mine that I made for my new album Parent Loans. Okay? Just like the one I showed you earlier in this video. Number 2, there’s gonna be a link to my YouTube ads masterclass and cheat sheet. I’ll show you how I get 1,200,000 real views and over 10,000,000 people to see my music for every $1,000 I spend, as well as how I get people to Spotify for 1 penny each.

And I have all the marketing proof and all the data in the dashboard, as well as all the testimonials of artists like you, who are all getting over a 100,000 views in every single music video now after they take the master class. But I give you a bunch of free stuff, so check that out. Just for getting the cheat sheet, I send you 5 insane videos giving you free tricks, if I can run the ads, even if you don’t get the master class from me. Because I still want you to actually be able to do it, if you can’t afford to get my master classes. I understand.

I’ve been in your shoes. Okay? Number 3, there’s gonna be a link to a page where you can get the pricing info of any artist out. DM them if you’re serious, get you the information within about 72 hours. 48, 72 hours.

Okay? And then number 4, I’m gonna put a link to the full AI music video for Dear Mom that you can check out and see how crazy it is as a completed video, and then see see what everybody’s saying about it. It’s crazy. It amplifies so much. Now I’m giving you these strategies and these steps to your success, but you’re the one who has to take the next step and simply follow them.

Okay? So number 5, links to the current features available that exist out there. Those are gonna be below this video as well. Alright? And you could take these and add them to your beats, get producer credit, or if you’re an artist, you can get that feature.

Okay? Or do both. Alright? Even if nobody even hears the songs, spending a couple hundred dollars to be able to say that you have features from 3, 4 big artists just so people take you more seriously is worth it. You’re not gonna get that type of co sign for less than 1,000,000 dollars.

Alright? Anyway, links are below for you. Hit me with subscribe and check out those that you feel are right for you. No pressure. Right?

I’m Rob Lovell. This is Smart Rapper. Keep hustling gang, and I’ll see you at the top. Better go At least do something like this. Alright?

Because this strategy works. You can be building your fan base right now while you’re sleeping. 3 months, you could have a fan base. Go. Get it.

Stop procrastinating. Alright? And don’t promote no garbage music.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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