The Best Way To Get Better At Rapping In 3 Easy Steps

how to get better at rapping

As usual Smart Rapper is here to help you get smarter faster using tricks other sites don’t even know about…. because other sites aren’t ran by actual successful artist. ūüėÄ Here are tricks I actually used use today that will help you get better at rapping in a breeze!

how to get better at rapping fastHow To Get Better At Rapping #1

1) Use The Secret Tools That Make Rapping Smarter

A huge thing I recommend to rappers to help them get better at rapping is to use tools that no one ever thinks of using, that helps you build your rhyme technique, brains ability to switch and naturally find new words and of course learning new words.

Here is a list of 4 tools I use and 3 of which you probably aren’t using:

1) Yes you probably already know about you should be using it.

2) Random word generator to never run out of words while freestyling or writing

3) Alliteration generator will help you write alliteration bars with absolute ease

4) Word of the day to learn 1 new word a day

Where else would you learn words like this and become a Smart Rapper.

word of the day for rappers

I have other tools but I have to save some stuff for the E-books and other products I sell on Smart Rapper to make sure people know they are getting more when they buy my stuff like: 

How To Write Rap Lyrics Like A Genius [FULL COURSE]

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That’s how to get better at rapping tip #1

how to get better at rapping quickHow To Get Better At Rapping #2

Write Every Single Day… Seems Obvious Right? I Make It Easier

It’s cool though, I mention it because I have something to help everyone write every day. It is the exact same beats and tools that I use to write lyrics for 1 hour a day, every single day.

Originally it was only going to come with my ‘How To Write Rap Lyrics Like A Pro Course’ but that course already had 3 hours of training videos and this video is an hour long for daily writing, I figure that was way too much. So I just offered it up as a free tool to anyone who may want to use it.

In my course I show you proof that it is exactly what I use to write raps everyday for 1 hour. It is guided so it tells you what to write and when to write it. This makes writing every single day a breeze… unless you are lazy… in which case every other rapper is passing you every single day and you don’t deserve to have the massive success you dream about. Just being honest…. No one gets anywhere by being lazy.

You can get that rapping guide here for 100% Free

That’s how to get better at rapping tip #2

how to get better at rapping todayHow To Get Better At Rapping #3

Mold Yourself By Tricking Your Own Mind [Genius!]

Mold your style completely around an artist you look up too and then build uniquely from there.

As you may have heard me mention before, most rappers are just a combination of the 3 rappers they listen to the most. That’s why when Drake came out in 2010 every rapper sounded like him for 3 years and then when Future came out every rapper up to right now sound like Future.

We have something called mirror neurons inside of our brains that are used for socializing and fitting into groups for survival. These neurons copy the vocal patterns, gestures and everything else of anyone else we look up too or hear.

Have you ever been in a group of friends and then you randomly start noticing you start doing similar faces, hand gestures or saying the same way they say words out of nowhere? It’s subconscious.

I go a lot more into this method in the ‘How to find your rap voice in 15 minutes E-book’¬†

future rapper

So how do you use this trick to get better at rapping? Well what are you trying to get better at doing? Do you want to be a better speed rapper? Listen to Tech 9 and Busta Rhymes. Do you want to be a better trap rapper? Listen to Future and all the other trap rappers (It’s very easy to make trap music. Waka Flocka is one of the many artist I write for.)

By listening to other artist on a normal basis you will learn to hone their special skill sets as long as you are writing and practicing on a normal basis as well.

And that’s how to get better at rapping tip #3

wrapping up

I hope these tricks answered some of the question for “How to get better at rapping”. These are actual methods that will help you if you apply them!

If you want further help, check out my E-books and courses  or check out a ton of the other free articles Smart Rapper has to offer. I have been right where you are right now and I have built from that into a very successful career. If anyone can help you make it, it is me!

– Novi NovAK

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