How To Get Famous On Instagram Reels (In 2 Minutes A Day)

How To Get Famous On Instagram Reels (In 2 Minutes A Day)

How To Get Famous On Instagram Reels (In 2 Minutes A Day) Transcript

Up, gang? I’m about to show you one of the most gangsters, sounds stupid to say that, the most gangster music marketing tips I’ve ever learned in my life. It got me over 50,000,000 people to hear my music. I’m gonna show you how to do it right now for free. Let’s get it.

1st, I wanna show you what this actually done for me to show proof that this actually works for you. Alright? So first of all, if you look here, look at this. 4,800,000 here. And you can see, obviously, it’s promoting my stuff.

My face is right there. And then we had another one with 4,300,000 views on it. 178,000 likes, almost 1500 comments. And then we got another one on this page here. It’s got 2,500,000 sound.

This could be your song doing this. And then there’s one more thing I actually wanted to show you. Other sound. This could be your song doing this. And then there’s one more thing I actually wanted to show you.

Other influencers will start using your sound because it’s trending. Alright? So if you go here, this guy has 73,000 followers. This girl, a 125,000 followers. When you actually start doing this, other people start hearing and seeing your sound.

It adds to the amount of times your sound in your song has been used. Other people take it more seriously and then big influencers start using your sound or your song. That’s how it works. You’re seeing it right here. And then last thing I wanna show you is the residual effects of what happens, how this translates to other platforms, Spotify streams, and stuff like that to prove that this actually works cross platform.

Alright. So if you go to my Spotify really quick, you’re gonna see, Boston Everything has 1,200,000 streams on it. I mean, I’m thinking, damn, he good. Then look at this. What’s being promoted here?

4,300,000 views, 178,000 likes. And look at the song. It even says it right there for you. It’s Boss Mode Everything. And that’s translating to Spotify and to YouTube where this has over a 1000000 views on it.

Okay. Enough of me actually showing you the proof that it works. Now I’m gonna show you how to do it. You do it in under 2 minutes a day, and all you need is your phone. Let’s get it.

Now I need you to listen close for me. Alright? This is the most important part of making this work for yourself. What we’re going to do is find other videos that are already going viral that we could put your song or your sound behind. But the important part is to find content that actually matches your song or your sound.

The more cohesive it is, the faster it’ll spread. And I know you’re smart, but if you’re confused at all, let me show you exactly what I’m talking about. In order to promote Bossman, everything has all those streams as you saw, because the song itself has this vibe of winning, of being a champion, we looked for videos that had moments of people winning, of people being champions, of successful moments in life where you’re like, yes. Like, boss mode everything. We took all kinds of content and it matches so well.

And when people see it, they’re inspired by it. They like the song. They go listen to the song or the sound. So here’s how to do it. Step 1.

All you gotta do is go to the explore page. You’re gonna look for content that matches your song or your sound. If it’s a sad song, you’re gonna wanna find sad content. If it’s a upbeat, if it’s a club one, you wanna find that type of content. Alright?

It’s really not that complicated. Because what’s happening is, if you go to the explore page, look at this. This already has all kinds of numbers on them. These things are already doing well. And if you type in, you search for the hashtag, you search for whatever you wanna find that matches your stuff, you’re gonna find this content and all you gotta do is put your song behind it.

Right? So that step 1 is to find it. Step 2 is to simply download the video so now you have the video on your phone. And then guess what? Step 3 is just add your sound underneath it, and then Reel is gonna make your sound a sound that people could start using.

And you could do this on your profile. You can create a new profile. And, yes, this works for brand new accounts. This is the stuff that we started testing, and it works. And if we go back to that cat video, you’ll see it was the 4th video posted on this on this page.

It was a brand new page. Then the next step, which is really important, is you gotta make sure that the profile looks as good as possible because it’ll increase the organic engagement. People liking other videos, people viewing other videos, people viewing other videos, people following, and then that’s gonna do what? It’s gonna push all the videos on the page that are doing well to more people. So this is really important.

So let me give you an example. What me and my team did we create side profiles. And because for certain songs, we make certain pages. We have sad pages. We got funny pages.

Right? So in this circumstance, we made a silly goose page. Right? And they’re really random funny videos, and they’re using my music behind them. Now there’s only a few things you have to do for this profile.

First of all, if you have a phone number, you can make numerous side accounts. So imagine you have 2, 3 side accounts doing this for you and you’re posting 3, 4 times a day. Yeah. You are gonna start getting people to hear your sound, hear your song, whatever you’re promoting. Alright?

Especially if you do what I’m about to tell you. Alright. Now for step 4. Now since this is such an insanely good strategy that I’m sharing with you and I have to show you how to do this anyway step by step. I’m just gonna show you exactly what I do.

For that reason, I got booster to be the sponsor of this video. I’ve been using them for years to do social media tricks, plus there’s a bunch of other stuff that people don’t know about that this site has. Plus, I love their branding, their commercials are funny. It’s just it’s just funny. It’s fun.

And the next thing which is important is to give it social proof. So what we did when we first got this was we actually added 300 followers using booster, which really I think was, like, a dollar. The reason we do this is if somebody already sees other people are following, it gives them more reason for them to follow. And look at this, it’s already at 4 it’s already gained 4,000 followers, and it’s only posted probably, like, 30 videos. And if you look through this, look at the recent videos.

You got, you know, 20,000 there, 68,000 there, a 137,000 there. I mean, all my music. Oh, could be all your music, your sound. For anybody thinking, will this shadow man me? Will this block me from getting seen?

Did it block this page from being seen? No. It grew from the beginning on. All these videos from the beginning did around 7,500, then one did 33 1,000, and it just kept going, and then it just kept going, and then one of them skyrocketed. I wasn’t told to say this.

They didn’t even mention it to me, which is shocking to me. But if you put $5 in, they actually give you $10 if you’re a new member on this site, which means you can set up your profiles and still have a ton left to actually go do all the other tricks and stuff on the site that you’ll see once you get there are really crazy. Anyway, let’s keep going. You can use that to actually completely build out all of these profiles that I’m showing you how to do. And then the last thing here is, if you click this link right here, it leads to oh, look at that.

My music video that has 17,000,000 views on it. And this is actually a great example. Do not skip getting the followers on the accounts. And the reason being is, look what happened when I showed you that I have 17,000,000 views on a video. How much more seriously do you take me as an artist?

When you see 17,000,000 views. Right? It’s the same thing when people see followers. How seriously do you take me when you see that I’m verified? And then I have 300,000 followers on Instagram.

These things add up, and that’s why social proof is important, because people start following the accounts, increasing engagement, and pushing the videos further into the algorithm. It’s all part of the process, my friend. And just so you know, this doesn’t only work for me. Other people I’ve shown this to had them send me some screenshots of their insights on their reels. And if you look at this, they’re doing numbers too.

A 119 1,000, 7,000 likes, comments. There are another 110,000 here. Another one has a oh, that’s oh, man. That’s 1,500,000. Let me zoom on that so I could see that’s the right number.

Right? Think about that. This stuff works, not just for me, but when people take my advice and they use it, it works, and it works well. But I also showed him a ton more tricks than I showed in this video, but I can show you that stuff too.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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