How To Get Your Beats Into The Smart Rapper Beats Store

Why I Created The Smart Rapper Beats Concept

I want to start by telling you why I created the Smart Rapper Beat Stars page for upcoming rappers.

When I am looking for beats, it can be hard to find GOOD BEATS that are actually worth the time to make a song too.

As an artist, if you are excited to start on music and you are in the mood to create songs, you want to create NOW.

The process of going to a site, finding a beat maker at random and then hoping they have a beat good enough to make a song too could take so long it would ruin our vibe to create.

If I hear 10 beats in a row that AREN’T good….

Then I lose my vibe and want to go do something else, like write Smart Rapper articles.

As an artists, you just wanna CREATE and know the place you are going has GREAT beats.

This Solves A Problem For Rappers

And the solution… is YOU, combined with me.

Rappers NEED a 1 stop shop for the best hand picked beats from around the internet. Not 100 beats that might be hit or miss from a producer throwing all of his EXTRA beats Migos and Kenderick Lamar probably won’t want onto his Sound Click Page.

When you solve a problem, you have a product that helps people, provides value and continues to grow.

The Moment I Realized This Is The Solution

I already go through 250+ beats a day to find the best ones to make songs to anyway. So I had a realization last week while making my Songwriting Course. (Where you can watch me go thru 150-200 beats and make 21 songs in a single day – Proof is in the pudding I recorded ALL of it)

I thought… “I am going through these beats, why don’t I take note of every beat I actually liked and show the best beats to Smart Rappers to help them know which ones I heard were the best ones. This way they save time and will have the BEST ones I already spent my time going thru and finding?!”

Then I thought… 

“Shit, how can I create this list of the beats all in one place for them? I can’t send them to 20 different producers and say “Go to this beat and that beat”. That’s not efficient at all. I need to have my own Beat Stars page they can go to that gets updated every week.”

Then I thought….

“Would the Hip Hop Producers actually let me put their beats into my store to sell for them….?”

Then I thought…

“They would be stupid not to! They are losing out on money and exposure to their beats!”

As you can see, I thought a lot about this.  haha

The 9 Benefits To Any Producer In The Smart Rapper Beat Store

1) First and foremost you are going to make more money from your beats.
If you get approved it is because we actually like your beat or beats. Then after that your beat gets exposure to rappers who need your beats and a whole lot more.

2) Before we even talk about what happens when I make videos with your beats let’s talk about the organic exposure the Smart Rapper Beat Store will get.

We get about 3,000 to 5,000 page views a day on and there will be a BIG BUTTON that says “BEATS” for them to click to. That’s organic traffic daily finding these beats and you getting seen.

3) Every week I will take snippets of the top 5 beats and make them into a video that I post on the 200,000+ Subscriber Smart Rapper YouTube Channel.

4) The rappers let YOU know feed back on your beats in the comments to help you understand your audience more.

You can see what you are doing right, what they don’t like and more comments from the same people who you need to promote yourself to.

5) After the beats play Smart Rappers are then told to go make songs to those beats by purchasing the beat(s) they like the most.

The reason they will buy these beats is because if they make a good song I will put it in a Smart Rapper video for the best songs of the week that plays every week after the beat snippets. So they all tune in to see if they won! And they hear new beats at the same time.

To submit for this though they are required to buy the beat to be able to submit for that promo.

6) We also create a thread in the Smart Rapper Community that is for YOUR specific beat where all Smart Rappers who like your beat can discuss collabbing on the beat together and putting their money together to buy the lease.

7) There will be more benefits to you as this builds more.

8) You will receive your Smart Rapper Professional Beat Review Sheet that gives you overall feed back on your beats you submitted that will look like this.

A review from us on your beats from an honest perspective can help a lot of producers get better. That’s what it is meant for.

9) You will be in a video that gets e-mail blasted to over 25,000 rappers on the Smart Rapper E-mail list.

How Submitting Your Beats Works

We can’t just accept anyone into the Smart Rapper Beat Stars Store.

The point is to have the VERY BEST BEATS from around the internet.

So if you THINK you are making GREAT BEATS and at the least would like a review of if your beats are great or not, you can submit.

1) You have to submit 1 to 20 of your beats and we manually review every single beat that gets submitted.

Don’t forget, if you submit 20 beats and we like 5 of them, your beats may fill an entire episode of ‘Would You Rap To These Beats’ and have people buying and working on your beats ALL week instead of sharing that week with other producers.

So the more beats you submit the better and the better chances are for you.

The more that get accepted the more promotion that goes to your channel and the higher the chances people like one of your beats is.

But If we choose 1 of your beats, we will choose 4 other beats from other producers.  We have to, we need at least 5 options or more for rappers weekly.

2) We will email you back within 1-2 weeks.

I have to pay a full time employee for just THIS job to help me manage all of this. We are very busy so please just be patient as there will be a lot of beats to go through.

Either way when we e-mail you back it will include your overall beats review and also notify you which beats we have chosen of yours that we want to show to Smart Rappers and put into the beat store.

Again, the more beats you submit the higher the chance that even one beat will get accepted.

When You Get Accepted Here Is How It Works

1) The same time you get accepted is the same time you are given your review sheet so be on the look out in your e-mail.

2) We will tell you which of your beat(s) we liked and want to post on the Smart Rapper store.

3) You will then send us the MP3, WAV and Lease agreement for them to upload to our store.

Don’t worry!

We don’t want any of your beat track outs (stems) I want rappers to be able to make these songs and want to finish them and get them done to send to us to enter weekly.

We feel the track out option may confuse and slow down artists in this process.

4) You will be notified of what week your beat will be uploaded to the Beat Stars page and when you will be in our Smart Rapper video so you can help push people to the video.

We upload the beats that are getting played in that weeks video onto the Beat Stars Page that week.

Sunday to Sunday

How YOU Get YOUR Money When The Beats Sell

We let you know now that you MUST have a FREE Beat Stars account set up and your PayPal e-mail set up inside of that. Set up for that is 100% free.

Even if you have no beats on the account that’s okay. Beat Stars allows us to pay you your cut from the money received as soon as the beat gets purchased!

It goes from our Beat Stars Account To Your Beat Stars Account!

What We Want From You

The day our video gets posted with your beats in it, we want you to make a post about it on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and E-mail list to get people to check out the video that has your beats in it.

Here’s why this is smart for you

Because with our process we can incentivize the people you drive to the video to want to buy YOUR beats in order to win the promotion of their song on the Smart Rapper YouTube and Instagram.

It’s a win for everyone! Plus this makes people BUY your beats to enter!

Since it is a requirement of them.

This also shows your audience you are collabbing with other brands and doing more than just making beats.

You are making business moves and getting heard. Other beat makers just… release beats onto a page.

We co sign you and you co sign us.

Team work makes the dream work.

Why Isn’t Submitting Your Beats Free?

No matter what, you come out with something here.

You get a review of your overall beats to help you see and hear them how we hear them.

If you get accepted even better, but you never walk away without something that helps you better yourself and your career.

“Stop stalling! What are the reasons Rob?”

1) The reason it isn’t free is because I have to pay someone to review your beats and make the review sheet.

Then they show me the beats and I have to personally approve whether or not I agree if they are good enough to be on our Beat Store.

This is TIME, MONEY and ENERGY out of our day.

If 1 producer can submit up to 20 beats at a time and 50 producers submit a week.

That’s 1,000 beats and we go through ALL OF THEM + Make the review sheets.

1,000 beats even if we listened for 1 minute to each is 1,000 minutes a week.

That’s 16.66666666667 hours of just reviewing BEATS. 

Plus the 500-1,000 minutes making the beat review sheets that take about 10 to 20 minutes.

You can see from the BASIC MATH why if this was FREE I would be paying out of my own pocket to help you. 

I’m a nice guy but… I already spend $18,000+ to run Smart Rapper right now. I can’t have it cost me even more.

2) You have the opportunity to get exposure to your beats straight to the audience that wants and NEEDS them.

Upcoming rappers!

You are going to make money that you wouldn’t have made because these rappers wouldn’t have heard these beats.

3) I hold contests and do weekly promotion for artists that use the beats from our beat store.

They are required to have purchased a beat lease in order to submit.

For this reason your beats NEED to be purchased so they will have more reason to be bought instead of just buying it if they feel like it.

I make rappers WANT to make songs and HAVE to buy beats so they have a finished song to start gaining fans with that they can push with no problems.

That’s a WIN for you!!!

It’s a WIN for them!!!

It’s a WIN for me!!!

Basically, I’m reviewing your beats and giving YOU an opportunity to make money. Team work!

Are you ready to take the next step?

Submit by clicking this button

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