Is It Ok To Work On Other Songs At The Same Time?

Is It Ok To Work On Other Songs At The Same Time?

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This is a great question!

Actually, you should always be working on NUMEROUS songs. Getting a song done is what needs to happen on a regular basis but… rewriting songs is what makes them better and better.

Often times you will have a song and get stuck a bit on it because you know it can be better so you have to come back to it in a week or two and rewrite and add stuff.

This is completely normal. It’s a reason a lot of BIG ARTIST take 2 years to release a major album. It’s rewriting and trying new things over and over

So YES it is absolutely okay to be writing numerous songs at a time. Not even kidding right now… if you have seen my songwriting course then you know I will create 20 song outlines in a day with basic bones and then go back with a fresh ear and listen to hear which ones I really like the most.

Then I will write to all of the ones I like, then come back to them later again and then rewrite more on them and do that again and again until they are just right.

Now… there are circumstances where you can just write a song in 45 minutes and it is just… well perfect. A great example of 2 songs of mine that were like that was One Size Fits All… I wrote that in 45 minutes

Then my song ONE TAKE where the entire song was first try one take and some of it was even freestyled.

Thanks for asking that questions so the community now knows the answer You just became a smarter rapper.

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