Work In The Hollywood Hills For Rob Level's Companies

Work In The Hollywood Hills For Rob Level's Companies

Full Time Jobs From $30k - $100k A Year

Get Job Benefits No Other Company Can Offer

Imagine Being Excited To Go To Work Everyday


Full Use of a high quality recording studio for recording your music after work. 


$3 MILLION HOUSE IN THE HILLS VIEW A view you can only have when you buy a 3 Million Dollar House In The Hills. You get to experience this view all through the work day 👇

👇 Way More Benefits Of Getting This Job 👇

SLEEP IN Work doesn’t start until 10AM everyday so you can sleep in until 9AM and always feel rested and energized before you come to work.

AMAZING PAY All Full Time Jobs Pay From $30,000 – $100,000 A Year depending on position. Smart Rapper offers a competitive pay/salary commensurate with background experience.

MEET CELEBRITIES Meet celebrity music artists, athletes and actors who come through our office for meetings

FREE GYM Use of a top of the line, full home gym after work. We also include shower and towel services. And don’t forget that you get to workout with that view as the sun goes down. 

FREE SNACKS AND DRINKS Free fruit, snacks, water and other concessions provided by Rob Level. Also request what you like and Rob can get it for you.

FREE LUNCH Rob Level pays for the entire companies Lunch on Fridays

COMFORT Wear your normal, comfortable clothes to work everyday

MENTAL HEALTH Plenty of natural light to keep you in a positive mood. Way better than working a job in a low lit, gloomy building 8 hours a day.

CONTAGIOUS MOTIVATION A Boss that will inspire and motivate you everyday to evolve into the best version of yourself.

YOUR FUTURE Opportunity to move up in the company to Rob’s expansions and other companies under the Rob Level LLC Umbrella. Record Label Jobs, Ability to get a record deal with Rob’s label, Management Company Jobs, Clothing company jobs, Production Company Jobs and others.

SKILLS Learn top industry skills you can use for life. Smart Rapper will provide valuable on-the-job training and assistance in learning this position. This position requires a quick learner.
AN AMAZING TEAM Surround yourself with other hip hop culture loving people on our team that range from music artists to producers (with credits) and music video directors.
ROB LEVEL We don’t know if you care, or if you’re a fan of his music, but you get to work alongside Rob Level everyday. Consider that you work for a famous artist as his music grows at the rate it already is. *Please don’t apply if you’re a stalker lol*

BE A PART OF CULTURE Work for a Hip Hop company and not only be a part of rap music culture everyday, but be part of the #1 company that is influencing and shaping the next biggest superstars as well as the music industry as a whole. Top 10 Music Industry Artists such as Lil Nas X watched our videos to learn and catapult to the level they are at.

PUPPY Rob’s dog ‘Bars’ – and sometimes friends – are always around the office. So you will experience a lot of puppy love at this job. Expect puppies to distract you with their cuteness and have them running up to you all day making you smile.

TEAM OUTINGS Rob takes the entire team to theme parks and movies quite often. Every year we also go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal and we get VIP front of line tickets.

*All companies owned by Rob Level are Equal Opportunity Employers.

👇 We Have Helped Some Of The Biggest Artists 👇

👇 Job Positions You Can Apply For Right Now 👇

Customer Relations Represenatative 🚑

We are seeking a Customer Service Representative that will assist with various aspects of the customer transaction experience.
Job Purpose:
Provide customers with excellent service by understanding our programs, providing quotes, meeting their needs, processing orders and providing general customer service functions through out the sales process.
Primary responsibilities include:
– Calling new customers and thanking them for being a customer
– Responding to customer product inquiries
– Providing product information and explanations on any needs
– Preparing quotations to meet customer needs
– Reviewing and processing orders
– Accurately entering and organizing transaction information into our computer systems
– Assisting other Rob Level Company departments with miscellaneous tasks necessary to support completion of their functions
Smart Rapper will provide valuable on-the-job training and assistance in learning this position. This position requires a quick learner.



 Full-time Position

Paid Internship Position


Sales Department Junior Specialist 💰

 We are seeking an assistant to our current expert sales specialist to help increase sales in every area of our business. 
Job Purpose:

Speed up our ability to launch products by creating the assets needed to launch them, as well as creating assets for products that already exist to increase sales and hit quarterly goals.


Primary responsibilities include:

  • Creating Video Ads for our companies
  • Creating Picture Ads for our companies 
  • Using high level Copywriting skills to increase company conversion rates and overall sales.
  • Utilizing Sales psychology
  • Writing sales scripts
  • Building Sales Pages
  • Calling current customers and cancelled customers
  • Sales Page Graphic Creation
  • Creating bundles and funnels
  • Making Sales Page Cartoons for sales pages and other content
  • Giving Rob end of previous week sales reports
  • Weekly sales page conversion meetings with Rob and sales department for hitting goals
  • Using Hot Jar to A B test sales pages to increase sales page conversions
Full Time Position

Clothing Line Manager + 1 Intern 👕

This person will work side by side with Rob to grow his clothing line and take it from a vision to a reality. Anyone who ever wanted to be in fashion or start their own clothing line, this is the job for them. 


Primary Responsibilities Include:

Handling Clothing Manufacturing Rob Already Has In Place

Working with Sales department to create merchandise pages

Building the email list and text list + email utilization for sales

Running sales, coupons, specials and product launches for every product

Dealing With All Shipping and handling + Restocking merch

Working with the Social Media Team to create Social Media Content

Hiring Models + Lining Up Photoshoots

Creating And Contacting a list of all potential influencers and brands we can use for promotion

Giving Rob Weekly reports for merchandise

Keep up to date on marketing trends in clothing

3 Positions Available For This: 
Full-time Position
Part Time Position
Paid Internship Position

5 Paid Interns 🦆🦆🦆=🦢🦢🦢

Most internships aren’t paid, but at our company, we actually pay you to learn and be on our team.

This job is really for anyone who has the right attitude and fits into our culture here. You have to have a passion for hip hop for this position.

If you don’t possess much work experience or knowledge but want to be able to learn business and the music industry, this position is for you.

Job Purpose:

Assist the team across all departments with anything they need

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Running Errands and any other task needed
  • Keeping the office space immaculate
  • Calling Customers + Answering the phone
  • Assisting Customer Service Reps
  • Collecting and organizing data across numerous sectors 
3 Positions Available For This

Marketing, Relationship Management & PR

Job Purpose:
We are looking for an entry level team member to join our marketing and PR department. This Associate will be apart of the on-site team handling company exposure, new customer acquisition and customer retention.
The candidate we’re looking for should value integrity, enjoy working in teams of people, and have a desire for professional development. Candidates must be comfortable working with serving as the lead point of contact for all customer account management matters.

Marketing Associate Responsibilities Include:
  1. Pitching To Major Media And Other Outlets
  2. Seeking out coverage opportunities in local, regional and national newspapers + broadcast media
  3. Creating relevant details associated with new releases for our record label artists
  4. Lining Up Feature Stories
  5. Data Collection From Our Products
  6. Running Our Numerous Email Lists
  7. Running Our Text Lists
  8. Applying marketing strategies for promotion on a daily basis
  9. Staying informed on industry trends, marketing strategies and creating marketing campaigns
  10. Collaborate with Management team to identify and grow opportunities within the territory
  11. Build long-lasting client relationships
  12. Actively seek out new company and customer relationships
Recommended Qualifications include:
  • 1-2 years experience working in marketing, PR, or sales industry
  • Leadership potential or desire to lead a team
  • Proactive problem-solver
  • Confident and professional demeanor
  • Desire to learn and develop management skills
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and follow up skills.
2 Positions Available For This: 
Full-time Position
Paid Internship Position

Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads Expert 📈

*This job pays greatly + bonuses for numerous benchmarks.


Job Purpose:

We are looking for an experienced social media ad expert who understands the power and purpose of ads. You must also show proof of income generated for previous employers and companies.

This job isn’t here for you to learn how to run ads by making mistakes with the companies money. This job is extremely important. 

You will be keeping a hawk eye on ad data to massively scale current sales. When you do, you will be rewarded abundantly. Potential For Quarterly Bonuses Based On Sales, Then Separate From That, End of year bonuses up to $20,000+


Primary Responsibilities Include:

  1. Running Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Adwords and more
  2. Adjusting Facebook Ads, A/B Testing, Increasing Conversion Rates
  3. Working alongside the sales department to create and run ads across all social media platforms
  4. Stay updated on all Ad platform rules, updates and trends to make sure our ads run efficiently
  5. Testing every possible variation of ads and ad copy
  6. Study previous ads that we had running and look for 
  7. Properly track and report all ad conversions from all ads into a weekly report. 
  8. Google DISPLAY Ads and combos that work best
  9. Hit Weekly, Monthly And Quarterly Sales Goals Through Your Ads.
  10. Testing every possible variation of ads and ad copy
  11. Headline and sales copy mastery

Required Qualifications Include:

  • Must have at least 2 years of Facebook AND Instagram Ads Experience
  • YouTube Ads Can Be Taught By Rob since he is an expert at them
  • Firm understanding of all ad types, ad terminology and ad settings
  • Firm understanding of Facebook Business Manager
  • Complete Understanding Sales Copy and ads
  • References from previous employers and/or inside business manager proof of ad sets you have personally ran to acquire substantial sales 
1 Position Available For This: 

If you Get Hired + Standard Job Requirements

If you apply for this job and get it, here are the requirements:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Live in the Los Angeles Area within 1 hour of the office
  • Reliable transportation to work everyday
  • No severe, potentially life threatening allergies to animals, especially small dogs.

Applying From Out Of State Rules

Feel free to apply even if you don’t live in LA or California.

  • I do not discriminate and if you know me, you know my qualities and what I look for in people. I am looking for hustlers and people with big dreams who want to grow with me.

  • I am not choosing people solely because they live in the LA area, I am choosing people because they are the people I want around me everyday. 

  • If you apply and get one of the jobs, you can relocate to Los Angeles and start working here. But please note we provide no assistance in your move.

  • But this job would be a really great excuse to move to LA.

Read Carefully

Because of the property location, safety of neighbors, value of items in the office as well as having grown up in South Side Chicago seeing the worst in people, It is my duty to make sure I can genuinely instill trust into anyone I hire.

  • Words and attitude say a lot but I need more than just that since you are going to be representing me and my company from now and the potentially the next 5-20 years along with all my company expansions.

  • So, like with most jobs you may apply for that have this level of access to the industry and benefits, there is a $20 application fee so we can run your criminal history. *If you are hired, you will get it back and I’ll even throw you $100 for taking the effort.

  • On top of that, anyone willing to go through this process is clearly serious about working for me and this eliminates massive amounts of wasting time going through applications of people who just want the benefits and not the job.

  • I personally go through every single application and review every detail.

  • But, there is a big benefit of this process in place to you. Any competition for you to get this job is substantially decreased. Only serious people will get the opportunity to have this dream job in the music industry.

What's Next?

To apply, simply handle the small background check fee by clicking on this sentence.

Upon completion you will automatically be sent to a page with details on how to submit your application and info.

Either way, I am excited for the future of my companies and I hope I get to share all the massive success and experiences in Los Angeles along the way with you.

Good luck my friend, keep hustling.

Abundantly, Rob Level

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