How To Edit Your Own Music Videos

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Editing Your Own Music Videos

If you are asking “What Softwares Do I Need To Edit My Music Videos Myself?” this article will help you a lot.

I’ve shot quite a few videos for myself and used quite a few different softwares from Sony Vegas to Final Cut and now Finally I use Premiere Pro 🙂

Your camera is going to be recording to a SD Card or some type of data card. If you got the Camera I recommended in Level 3 – Part 2 you will have a SD card 🙂

Transfer that to your computer and import it into the software.

Very vague explanation, but this isn’t the place to explain data transferring. That is what YouTube Tutorials are for!


To help you out, here is the list of the exact software I use and plug ins:

I use the software Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5
Magic Bullet Looks – Has tons of options for ALL kinds of film looks that you just drag and drop.
Magic Bullet Mojo – Makes everything look sick
I Use the RGB Plug In to adjust low and high end lighting and subtract or add colors that aren’t popping.

A good camera will pop colors just from shooting with it. That’s why you pay $3,500 for a Canon 5D Mark 3’s Sensor. It makes everything look great.

You can add black bars to your video to make it more cinematic Google ‘How To Add Black Bars To My Video’ There are numerous ways. I use a plug in called Magic Bullet Frames.

That is all I use! I also have After Effects but I rarely use it.



NOTE: Some are only for MAC and some are only for PC.
ALSO NOTE: The better the software the more features it will have. Try to choose a better software for yourself so you put time and energy into learning a GREAT software instead of a crappy one. You don’t wanna learn one then realize you need to use a better one and RE LEARN that software.

Most of the softwares have the same tools and interface. Which means if you do learn one, it won’t be TOO hard to learn the next. 🙂


Here is a list of other video editing softwares you can use

1) Adobe Premiere Elements 11 PC $99

This software is basically what I use but for WAY WAY WAY less money.

2) Sony Movie Studio Platinum $99 

I have edited videos in Sony Vegas, I’m sure this is very similar so It’s my 2nd recommendation.

3) Adobe Premiere Pro CC $20 PER MONTH UNTIL YOU STOP USING IT. 

This is a cloud based editing software. I am not super familiar with how it works but I have heard good things.

4) Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 MAC ONLY $300 

I have edited videos on this software as well. Not bad, but I preferred Vegas and Premiere Pro to this any day.

5) iMovie 11 $79 MAC ONLY 

For Mac Owners this isn’t a bad deal.

6) CyberLink PowerDirector $80

7) Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus $60


You have to remember that you are investing in yourself. If you can’t afford the software, I’m not saying pirate it, but you gotta do what you gotta do as a broke independent artist.

If you are wondering, My Adobe products are all 100% legal believe it or not. When I say legal I mean it’s officially licensed and not pirated or hacked. Thanks to a fan that was allowed numerous serial numbers from his college to use the software on numerous computers. 🙂 Thanks pal.

Just being honest, as always 🙂


I am not going to do full out tutorials on this stuff because there is already a thousand other videos for that on YouTube.

Just search up the softwares and the plug ins I told you about and they will show you how to use them! Being on let’s me know you have the ambition and drive to learn a software with no problem!

Good luck my fellow artist. 

– NovAK


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