You’ve Paid! Time To Submit Your Song(s)

How To Submit Your Song(s) To Us

PLEASE NOTE: *If You Try To Submit More Songs Than You Paid For You Will Be Disqualified*

1) Send an e-mail to | Make sure it is your MAIN E-MAIL so we can send your song review to you.

2) In the e-mail include

  1. Your PayPal Invoice Number. This is what PayPal gives you as proof of payment. It is also what we will use to keep track of people who paid vs. people who try to be sneaky.
    Make sure to send this or we will ignore your e-mail
  2. Your Artist Name
  3. Your social media links: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify etc.
  4. A link to the song(s) you are submittingWe prefer YouTube links, Spotify Links or Sound Cloud Links

If you’re good we will add you to our Spotify Playlist so if you have a Spotify link that might be your best bet.

That’s it!!!

Good luck Smart Rapper!

– Rob Level

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