8 Secret Hacks For Instagram Video Views On Instagram (Get 10 Times The Views) (Video)

Instagram Video Views On Instagram

I get anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 views on Instagram.

This video has my tricks and my other videos at the end of this video will help you grow your following.

1) Choose a cover that entices people to click

2) Every time you make a new post, screen shot the post, then upload it to your story and put an arrow pointing at your name so people will watch it!

3) if you get enough views fast enough, you’ll actually get boosted to the explore page

4) Which brings me to the create a GROUP tip

5) Immediately tag 5 friends

6) Post your photos on your website, or use your e-mail list to notify people about new posts

7) Link your Instagram to your Facebook and Twitter so every time it post, people can come from those platforms too. This will increase follows as well

8) Trade a Instagram story shout out with a friend.

9) BONUS – Set up automation software which will lead people to your page www.SmartRapper.com/FA


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