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Here Are All The Benefits To Submitting For Review

1) You get your song review sheet to help you get better no matter what. 

2) If your song is good enough you may have the chance to get your song into the daily Smart Rapper Song Battles where we put 2 songs against one another and people vote whose song is better. This is great exposure for you. 

3) If you are SUPER GOOD you can potentially get onto the Smart Rapper Mixtape to get heard by MILLIONS of people. You will be notified if we think you’re good enough.  

The sheet in the video was just an example. The finished sheets are completely filled out like the one below.

You Needed This So We Made It

So we have actually been planning this for a long time and honestly I believe it is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to do this.

Anywhere from 30 to 100 people are in my DMs and my e-mail everyday asking me Rob please review this, I’d really appreciate feedback I wanna get better, what do you think about my new single.

This has been happening for the last year… And for a bit of time I WAS reviewing but it’s super time consuming and I’m getting busier by the day.

We needed a process to make reviewing songs more effective for YOU and easier for us to explain and help you get feedback and input so you can grow as an artist when we review your song.

So we created this… look at how cool this is

This is the Smart Rapper Song Review Grading Sheet.

When we review your song, we will fill this out and give it back to you with not only 1 person’s opinion on your song, but two people’s opinions on your song.

On your lyrics, your flow, your voice, your beat choice and what you could and should DO to get better.

The people we have done these for are in awe when they get this sheet back because they can clearly see REAL honest feedback on what they are doing right and what we think they are doing wrong.

Now to defend myself and I know you will totally understand

Why I Stopped Reviewing Songs For Rappers

Let’s do some basic math here… if 50 people ask me to take even 30 seconds to listen to their song… that’s 25 minutes of my day… that’s just the listening,

That doesn’t even include the texting back and forth and taking the time to write out my opinion and what they could do better. You’re talking about over an hour a day, 7 hours a week, 28 hours a month….

That more than a whole day of my month just reviewing people’s music.

Come on, you know I don’t have time for that guys. And some people get mad at me when I say no or go from being excited to talking to me to angry that I won’t take time out of my busy day to review their song. I am taking time out to respond to you, why are you mad?!

To be honest, I can be reviewing and working on my own music.

I love the feeling I get when someone thanks me for the feedback but it’s gotta be worth my time. At the same time I know that in order to get better…. YOU NEED FEEDBACK on your songs from somebody who can give you educated, useful feedback to help you.

So what we are now doing here on Smart Rapper is allowing for you to submit your song for review and when you do, you will get this Smart Rapper Grading Sheet fully filled out and returned to you for each song you submit.

If you want REAL HONEST Feedback… this is how you do it. I’m not going to sugar coat this stuff for you. You’re going to get how me and my team HONESTLY feel about your music. And it will help YOU know what to do.

Here’s Our Process For You

So Here Is How The Process Works To Get Your Music Reviewed And Professionally Graded

First let me point out…. No one else is doing this for people… especially not anyone with the experience level of the people reviewing your music.

Here are the steps in the music review process

1) There is a link below this video in the description that will bring you to the page where you can submit your song for review and professional grading.

2) You Put Your artist name

3) Put your E-mail so we can send you your review and grade sheet

4) You put the link to your song you would like reviewed

The song must be uploaded somewhere even if it’s just on a soundcloud on PRIVATE or as a Youtube video that is unlisted so no one else can see if but us and whoever you give the link to.

Takes you 30 seconds to upload it somewhere and get the link to paste here.

5) Then choose whether you are submitting JUST for review or if you would also like to see if you’re good enough to be offered a spot on the Smart Rapper Mixtape.

6) Then Complete The Rest on the next page

It’s THAT easy.

You will have 2 people or more reviewing your entire song and then filling out this sheet as a team to help you out. It’ll take about 15 minutes on our end from 2 people so that’s like a 30 minute time investment total per person. Think about that.

Now look, just so there are NO surprises here, There would be THOUSANDS of rappers doing this as soon as I gave you the link if this was 100% Free.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Smart Rapper?

People don’t realize how much I pay to run and grow Smart Rapper… What If I told you I pay around $20,000 a month?

Arthur $4,000

Sutton $4,000

Jason $1,600

Servers $1,400

Jacob $2,000

2 other employees random pay $2,500

Office Rent $3,000

Yea…. No one ever thinks about how much I invest to make it grow, you just think I’m some guy making YouTube videos?

So for that reason PLUS the fact it takes us time and energy to do all of this there is a small fee per song submission.

But that’s nothing compared to the fact you get your music professionally reviewed and graded PLUS you can submit to be on the Smart Rapper Mixtape.

The Smart Rapper Mixtape

But By the way I already have the almost the entire Smart Rapper Mix Tape recorded and ready to start putting YOU GUYS on these song that will be promoted to MILLIONS of people…

And now I need YOU rappers to fill the slots on the tape so I need to know who is good enough and who is serious enough.

This review page is also the mixtape submission page.

I don’t want to confuse you though.

I am going to make an entire OTHER video on the Smart Rapper mixtape that I’ve been planning for 3 years now and tell you how you can get promoted to MILLIONS of people and how the entire Smart Rapper Mixtape works.

The other rappers we will have on the tape, we might even get the tape hosted by a famous DJ and a whole bunch of other stuff.

All I know is, have you ever been on a project that is being pushed by 30 to 45 people that has a marketing budget and a platform to push people to it to get yourself heard by millions of people in the first couple months?

I doubt it, but the Smart Rapper mixtape will give every serious artist who watches my videos the chance to get their career going.

Get your music reviewed by people who won’t sugar coat you and get better faster by having someone tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right.

First people who submit are the first ones who get reviewed so hurry and submit so you can get the feedback as fast as possible.

And keep hustling gang! I’ll see you at the top.

If that countdown timer runs out again you are never going to be able to submit a single song again.

I made it so if you want to submit 5 songs at once you get them all for the original $10 price.

Stop procrastinating and take your music seriously or you’ll never take your music anywhere.

Choose Amount Of Songs To Submit

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