Rihanna ‘Anti’ Quick Album Review

Rihanna anti album review
Rihanna anti album review
Rihanna anti album review

1. Rihanna – Anti – Consideration
2. Rihanna – Anti – James Joint
3. Rihanna – Anti – Kiss It Better
4. Rihanna – Anti – Work
5. Rihanna – Anti – Desperado
6. Rihanna – Anti – Woo
7. Rihanna – Anti – Needed Me
8. Rihanna – Anti – Yeah, I Said It
9. Rihanna – Anti – Same Ol’ Mistakes
10. Rihanna – Anti – Never Ending
11. Rihanna – Anti – Love On The Brain
12. Rihanna – Anti – Higher
13. Rihanna – Anti – Close to You

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Rihanna anti album review

Why I Reviewed Rihanna And Anti Album

Rihanna anti album

I listen to every new project that every major artist releases.

I do this for the following reasons:

0) It’s Rihanna – Very top of the industry.

1) It helps me understand where music in the top of the industry is headed and keep on top of things.

2) It makes me personally want to stay on top of my game for writing songs because it reminds me that everyone else is out there grinding nonstop

3) You can always learn something from top industry artist.

4) I figure as long as I am already listening to these albums… why not do quick reviews of them and just let you know what I potentially learned and liked from the album.

5) It helps me bring Smart Rapper readers the new music out.

Rihanna anti album review

Album Summary:

It’s Rihanna what the hell else would you expect the highest quality songs.

Of course other people write these songs but they choose the very best songs for her.

The opening track immediately pulled me in. I wasn’t even going to write a review haha.

After the first track though I wasn’t really pulled in again until Desperado came on.

The quality of this entire thing is absolutely astounding. I didn’t expect any less.

No hits on the album though :/ Still solid though.

Lets Start The Rihanna Anti Album Review

rihanna anti album review 2

I really had heard ‘Work Ft. Drake’ came out and that it was good but personally I wasn’t really feelin it. Remember though I only listen through this album 1 time. In a different mood I may have liked this a lot more. On first listen I wasn’t really diggin it too much here though.

A few more tracks hit me through out it though.

What’s crazy is the emotion this type of music evokes in me. It’s a feeling I absolutely do not like. A sadness, making me miss loved ones and shit through the whole thing. I truly believe one of the reasons Hip Hop and rap is so big is because it only gives you vibes of good, even in sadder songs.

When a female is singing about love, it makes me feel like my life is in shambles because I don’t have a person I’m in a relationship to love.

I actually think they may make the music for that exact purpose. A psychological music buying trick? Or maybe because the most important thing to do in music is to evoke an emotion, that is what they are doing to the maximum in one direction.

This album was solid. It sounds like it’s something you listen to after you break up with someone if you want to sit around and cry to yourself about it haha.

Of course I did expect it to be geared towards females…. I didn’t know what to expect. But I listened to learn, and I did.

Rihanna anti album review

Best Track On The Project

Best Track:

Desperado – Loved the vibe of this song. Her swagger and delivery on this track is untouchable.

Rihanna anti album review

Tracks I Liked

Tracks I Also Liked:

Never Ending – So sad. If I had a vagina I’d probably love this song. But, I only like it. lol Song is making me miss my ex girlfriend and shit for no reason 😛

Love On The Brain – I love what the beat was stolen from 🙂 OG Classic song. At times in this song she sounds like she is about to start singing Alicia Keys – This Girl Is On Fire.

Rihanna anti album review

Specific Things I Liked


Additional Specific Things I Liked:

The effect on the ‘Woo’ verse vocals.

‘Yeah I Said it’ thickness in the chorus vocals and the effect.

“This whiskey got me feelin pretty” line in Higher

Rihanna anti album review

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