The Smart Rapper Manifesto

The Smart Rapper Manifesto

My name is Rob Level and I’m part of a group of underground rappers who are also hustlers you might have heard of.

See Most artists need a big label deal or financial backer to get their career off the ground but we’re a group of artists who are smart enough to do it all our selves.

We are our own bosses and we aren’t shackled to labels that limit our creativity.

We don’t lose who we are to labels that try to turn us into something we aren’t just so they can make money from us then throw us away if we stop making big bucks for them.

We are fighting against big labels that literally have unlimited budgets, we have to do things differently, we have to do things smarter.

And we don’t have a safety net, because every test we make is with our own money. We have to be profitable from day one.

So how do we do that? How is that even possible?

If you ask record label executives or industry veterans they will tell you what we are doing is IMPOSSIBLE… yet Smart Rappers are doing it everyday.

And it’s happening through a community of upcoming music artists that help each other learn and grow on

It’s not really something I can explain to you, it’s something I have to show you.

These stories are a glimpse of rappers just like you, who have a dream and a vision who want to change the world in their own little way.

I use the Smart Rapper process to help make their dreams a reality.


Smart Rappers

Define Their Own Destiny

Create Their Own Luck

Build Their Own Empires

And Change The World

We Are Only ONE SONG Away

We are Smart Rappers and WE are the future.

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