🥳 Congratulations! 🥳

🙏 And thank you for wanting to be a part of my team 🙏

👇 Here's what to do next 👇

 ⭐⭐ Please Note – Everything below is REQUIRED to be sent with the email ⭐

All of the following information is going to be emailed to RobLevelReacts@Gmail.com

1) Provide your first, middle and last name.

2) Provide your birthdate and the state and town where you were born (For BG Check)

3) Provide your phone number and best time to call you

4) Please attach your resume to the email in the form of a .txt file, PDF, .doc OR a link to your resume

Make sure it has everything in it that you think we need to know to consider you. That includes a cover letter or write up on why you are a good candidate for this job.

5) State the job positions that you are interested in applying for. Feel free to apply for more than one but please don’t say “All or Any”. Choose what suits you best. I want you to be happy at my company.

6) You just paid through Pay Pal so you received a Transaction ID which is proof you paid. You are going to include that Transaction ID to confirm everything went through. 

7) MUST INCLUDE Links to your social media especially your MAIN INSTAGRAM. Please turn off your ‘private’ setting. I honestly do go through your Instagram and see your personality to make sure you fit in with my companies’ culture. This is actually an important requirement. 

8) If you feel like anything else should be provided that I would need from you, feel free to include it inside the email to RobLevelReacts@Gmail.com


If you are a qualifying candidate an interview whether on Zoom, Facetime or in person will be set up with you.

You will be notified within the next 4-8 weeks if you have an interview. We hire and train new people 1 or 2 at a time so I can properly train people.


Thank you again for wanting to be a part of my team. I know everyone is reading this who came to this page, but whoever gets chosen, I’m glad it’s you.

Sincerely, Rob Level


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