Top 5 Cheapest Things On For Rappers

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Top 5 Cheapest Things On For Rappers

Some of this is mentioned in my articleRecording from home for cheap for rappers (with budgets)

I figured I would add a few more things to this list and show people more ways to be smart with their money as a rapper.

If you have money to really spend I can always recommend the really really expensive great stuff haha. Till then let’s stick to the budgets.


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1) The Cheapest And Best Microphone For Rap Vocals

The cheapest yet best and easiest microphone for recording rap vocals that I personally used for years.

This is a USB microphone, you just plug it in, it automatically installs the drivers, Then you turn on the software and BAM. Recording.

What’s great is that this microphone also comes with a recording software so you can start recording yourself instantly. This software is a great starting place so you can learn the fundamentals of recording software before you move up to ones like Pro Tools or Logic.

Check out that microphone here —-> The Best Microphone For Rap Vocals | With FREE Software


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2) Acoustic Treatment For Any Rapper’s Room

As you may have seen in my rapper post about treating a room for vocals


Also check out Smart Rapper’s article on whether or not you need a booth to record rap vocals


*Both tabs above will open in a new window so you can read them after this.


This is the cheapest way possible to make a room better for acoustic treatmenting a home studio room for rappersrecording in it for a rapper at home. I personally use these along side my hand made acoustic treatment that consist of Owens Corning 704 board and burlap and a few other things.

I spent months studying room acoustics and sound dynamics and I was broke af when I was studying them, so trust me, I know the cheapest way to make it happen.

Rapper’s Home Studio Best Acoustic Treatment <—- Click There

You simply hang these all around your room and bam, you are set to record for dirt cheap.

Realistically you can treat 2 rooms with 1 pack of these. Get a friend to go half in with you, Be Smart.


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3) The Rapper Career Saver ($6)

One thing I cannot stress enough is that if your computer died today…. Would you lose ALLLLLL of your music that you worked your ass off to make? If you don’t have a back up of all of your songs and lyrics you could lose them instantly.

Isn’t that a scary thought?

The reason I put this on the list is because I have lost my music before and it is a gut wrenching feeling that may even make you want to quit.

harddrive for rappers backupI don’t want that to happen to you. 

So here is a $6 fix for you. This will easily back up 5,000+ songs and Pro Tools sessions and just keep it in a safe place.

Click Here —> The cheapest yet most reliable 16GB hard drive you will find

You may recall the story I told about Lloyd Banks having lost his 2nd albums files to some groupies who he let sleep over in his hotel 1 night.

He lost those files and had to re record his entire album. If you have ever had to rerecord a song you thought was perfect you know it is never the same. Same reason his career was never the same after his only copy of his files were stolen.



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4) Pop Filter For Rap Vocals

I mean, I know you know what a pop filter is for. If you don’t have one of these, you have a serious issue and aren’t very serious of an artist.

Pop Filter That Attaches To The Microphone Stand $6 + FREE Shipping and A must have.

The pop filter blocks the air from all the PUHs and FUHs that you exert out of your mouth when you are recording rap vocals or singing vocals.

You’ll definitely always need this and until you get your breathing technique down, you will DEFINITELY need this so you don’t sound like an amateur. I mean for $6…. Invest in yourself lol.

Click Here —-> The Best Cheapest Pop Filter For Rappers On Amazon





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5) Microphone Stand

$19.99 + FREE Shipping

Do you need a stand? I recommend it. You will feel much more confident on a microphone that is on a stand. Don’t even try using one on a desk or hanging it from the ceiling. A mic stand is stable and will make your job so much easier.

I own numerous mic stands from $20-$150 and no other set up beats having a microphone stable in front of you as you record your vocals.

Click Here ——> Cheapest Microphone Stand + Free Shipping




wrapping up

These are the bare essentials that you need as a rapper. You might as well just have them or plan on getting them as soon as you can.

Every rapper has some form of these items.

If they don’t they are probably not too serious or they are recording at a friends house which also means they aren’t TOO serious.

A serious artist has a microphone and ability to record songs by them at all times. They also have a back up of their music so that they can make sure they never lose all of their hard work.


You got this. Be Smart. 


– Rob Level Add Me On Instagram 100,000 And Growing

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