What Is An EPK? The 10 Things You Need In It

What Is An EPK? The 10 Things You Need In It

This is something I haven’t mentioned too many times before and I think it’s about that time to really go into this with you guys and girls because it is VERY USEFUL.

This will help you get MORE shows, Get people in the industry to take you seriously, even help you get radio play and major playlist push. You can send this to venues and get you posted. You look professional.

Its basically something you can send to anyone in the industry so they can completely understand EVERYTHING they need to know about you.

It’s like a super version of your Wikipedia with JUST the right information people in the music industry will need to see.

Now if you DON’T have a website, you can create one and it can JUST BE this EPK. With you also having your own domain you look even more professional.


What To Put In Your EPK

if you want more information on how to start your own website and see all the benefits I’ll put a link below for you guys and girls to check that out.
So what’s in it?
1) Hi resolution Good pictures
2) Long form bio and short form bio that could be tweeted or posted in a bio
3) A link to all your social media
4) Your best music
5) Your BEST Music Video
6) Your Discography


I need you to understand the 2 MOST IMPORTANT parts of this EPK is going to be 1) How it looks as a whole and 2) Your pictures… You need a FULL BODY PICTURE and a head shot like picture. These pictures need to represent you as an artist and look VERY PROFESSIONAL.

An Android or iPhone can take an AMAZING picture nowadays so grab a friend and get them to go out there and make an EPK.

If you send ANYONE an EPK it is WAYYYYYYYYYY more impressive than just sending a link to your music to someone who matters. It is going to show you 1) know what an EPK is and 2) That you are MORE SERIOUS than just a music artist and you are actually a professional.

I am going to make another video and show you places you can make an AMAZING EPK for 100% free that look amazing. That will be on my channel.


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