This Will Make ALL Of YOUR SONGS Sound 30% Better

This Will Make ALL Of YOUR SONGS Sound 30% Better


I wish I knew this when I started but it’s all part of the journey and now I get to show you guys and girls and help you become Smarter.

I didn’t know what a track out was for a long time because to be honest, I couldn’t afford them.

Because I now understand the importance of them and how they WILL make ALL YOUR SONGS BETTER I want to show you all of the benefits of spending the extra 30 bucks on a beat track out.

I mean consider your song being even 30% better than it is for just giving a beat maker a few extra bucks.

First let’s look at what you usually record over as a music artist who gets their beats from friends or online.

You can re arrange instruments. This is actually one of the MOST IMPORTANT reasons to buy a track out. This allows you to build your ups and downs, your tension and build your song into a well organized WELL arranged song that makes people want to keep coming back to listen.

But now that I know what they are

1) You can take out instruments
2) You can change the volume of specific instruments
3) You can pan instruments
4) You can put effects on specific instruments
5) THE MOST IMPORTANT STAY TUNED FOR THIS ONE It’s the difference between your song being a HIT SONG and a decent one.


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