Smart Rapper Beats


lineHow To Easily Do It

1) Click on any beat in the player and the beat will start playing.

2) Once you find a beat you like, click ‘Add’

3) Choose if you want the lease or if you want to own the beat by buying the exclusive

4) It adds it to your cart and you can now click ‘Buy Now’

5) This brings you to a page where you can pay with any type of card thru PayPal

6) After purchase your untagged beat is sent to you within the hour.

7) You can start recording your new song



If you download a beat and upload it to YouTube (or any other platform) without buying the basic lease to have the rights, we will have YouTube remove your video.

Do not try to steal beats. We get alerts every time one of our beats are uploaded to YouTube thru the new sound scan system YouTube has for big channels like ours.

If you want to make a song, please spend the $10 to get it untagged, sound professional and get the legal rights to release the songs.

Thank you.

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