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People ask me “Why did you make SmartRapper.com? You are an established music artist and big Artists don’t do stuff like that!”  

I take all of my life’s downfalls and bring them into a positive light by helping people with Smart Rapper. Artists no longer have to make the same mistakes and struggle like I did.


My response is that these videos are all small pieces of who every artist becomes. You just don’t know it yet.


All of these articles and videos are things I learned along the way to becoming an artist and I want to show you the mistakes I made so don’t make them and you can make the smartest decisions possible in your career.


I have always wanted to inspire people. If you’re a true fan of mine, you definitely know that. I want to help people in any way that I can. I want people to remember that someone inspired them and pushed them to be great.


I was shy, weak, socially awkward and timid for a majority of my life because of how I was thrown around as a kid.


I grew up in South Side Chicago as one of the only white kids around. I was abused by family members and witnessed my mother getting abused by her boyfriends (not my father). My Dad died from brain tumors when I was 7 and as my Dad was dying my Mom gave me up for adoption. I was put into homes then behavior schools.


Then after high school I lived in homeless shelters, flop houses and WAY WAY more. You can watch Tattoo My Life to see my whole story tattooed on my arm for more on that. 


Now I am a self made millionaire artist with numerous Top 100 iTunes charting albums, fans with my name and lyrics tattooed all over their bodies, I’ve done record deals, I have over 60,000,000 total YouTube views across all my channels and I did it all without collabs with another rapper and no artist co signs like 99.9% of other rappers need to make it this far.


That’s the whole idea behind Smart Rapper. If I did it… you sure as hell can too.


I’m not the smartest guy I just have a lot of hustle and I am determined.


I shoot and edit my own music videos, I record my own music and I mix it, I market my own music using out of the box tricks by studying algorithms of Social Media networks and working my way around them, the list goes on. Self made couldn’t be a truer statement with any other artist out there who made it this far.


I want to show people how I over came all of these weaknesses mentally to shape myself and stay driven to be something no one in my entire life ever expected me to be.


Aside from the personal growth advice I want to offer people. So so so so many people, I am talking 10’s of thousands have asked me one question or another regarding ‘How To’ this or that in the music industry.


I made A LOT of mistakes getting to where I am today. I never had any help until I grew up and stopped being hard headed. I want to show people all of those mistakes I made when I was too hard headed to learn, and then how I had to retrain myself after I started growing to my higher levels.


If there was a site like this out there by an artist I trusted and respected when I was coming up, It would have helped me more than I can even describe with words. So I thought, “I should make that and help as many people as I can! Show them my tools and give them advice so they don’t make my little and BIG mistakes.”

So I did!

SmartRapper.com is a website to help people get to their next level in life. It does that by providing information about my mistakes that slowed me down along my journey. I use this site to help people grow faster by avoiding making the same mistakes I made. There is a lot of content to put up for you. I made A LOT of mistakes. 😛

It is a collection of my stories, experiences and tricks combined with my knowledge and unique approach to thinking about things. It is written 100% by me so far.

If you have been inspired by me or SmartRapper.com please send an E-mail to yourfriend[@]SmartRapper.com titled “Inspired” to tell me how you’ve been inspired. There is a chance I will post it in the ‘Those Inspired’ page to also inspire OTHERS. 🙂

I want to share a few screen shots of what I’ve received even just this week as I’m writing this page again in late 2018.

Have an incredible and productive day!

– Rob Level

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