Why You Don’t Have To Be Perfect | Life Lessons #9

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Why You Don’t Have To Be Perfect | Life Lessons #9

Some people want to be perfect… the thing is, you are already perfect how you are. Corny as it sounds… it’s true. This episode is a bit different than that but it still has things you can apply to your life that you need to understand now before you waste time going the wrong direction.

I spent way to long under the mindset that everything had to be perfect… it already it is.

I hope this helps.

– Rob Level

Author: Rob Level

Smart Rapper Founder And Editor In Chief | Rap Star Rising | iTunes Top 100 Charting Artist | Professional Songwriter w/ Major Credits | Life Story Teller | Inspirational Speaker | Villain Squad Over Everything (VSOE) I'm here To Inspire And Help Others Grow through everything I do. I want you to avoid my mistakes so you can become greater, faster.

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