How To Become A Successful Rapper – Level 2

successful rapper guide level 2

How To Become A Successful Rapper Level 2


Intro To My Best Marketing Secrets (MUST READ)
The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Need As A Rapper (BEWARE: See Why It’s A Must Do!)



YouTube Tricks And Secrets
Youtube Secret Automatic Marketing Software
Youtube Amazing Browser Plug-In #1



Top 18 SUPER Sneaky Instagram Tricks
Instagram Secret Automatic Marketing Software(Course Members Only)



Twitter Marketing Tricks (Coming Soon)
Twitter Secret Automatic Marketing Software(Course Members Only)


 sound cloud

Sound Cloud Secret Automatic Marketing Software
Facebook Marketing Tricks
Pinterest and Tumblr Secret Automatic Marketing



How To Get Music Blogs To Post Your Music (w/ Proof) 
Send 300 Music Blogs an E-mail with your music in 1 click
How To Tell If Someone Has Read an E-mail you sent them (FREE)
Collaboration For Exponential Exposure
Physical Street Promotion Tips and Tricks


(End Of Level Additional Reading)
Extra 1 – What is the difference between spamming and promoting my music?
Extra 2 – The Mind Of Your Potential New Fans – YOU MUST KNOW


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