Novi Novak’s Crazy Life Story Chapter 5

chapter 5

Ages 16-17 

part 1

The summer in Phoenix when I got shot at the first time

part 2

The Year I Hated The Most in the Racist Pendleton, Indiana

Part 3

Fighting the BIGGEST kids from the school

Part 4

Living In A Homeless Shelter After Graduation

(End Of Chapter Additional Reading)
Extra 1 – That time a guy drugged my girl to rape her and I followed him home.


Part 2 coming in 2016 2

chapter 6Ages Mid 18-21

Part 1 – Moving Back To Chicago And Jumping House To House

Part 2 – Living In Flop Houses

Part 3 – Trying To Fit In And Running With Gangs. Trouble

Part 4 – Living In A Feces Infested Trailer 

Part 5 – My First Two Felony Charges (Breaking And Entering and more)

Part 6 – My First Gun 

Part 7 – Working 40+ day jobs (A list of all the places I worked from 16-24)

Part 8 – That Summer I Had Another Fall Out With My Mom (Cooling Towers)

chapter 7Ages Late 21-22

Part 1 – I Never Had College, But This Was Close I Guess

Part 2 – Meeting The Friend And Enemy 

Part 3 – Moving Back To The Hood

Part 4 – Moving Again To The West Side Of The Hood

Part 5 – The Car Accident That Almost Killed Me And Scrambled Up My Life

Novi Novak's Car Accident

Part 6 – Getting Robbed At Gunpoint and Losing My Job For It

Part 7 – When Drug Dealers Reach Out Because They Like Your Music 

(End Of Chapter Additional Reading)
Extra 1 – That Time S.W.A.T. was called on me at a college campus. They brought M16s and all!
Extra 2 – Catching My Second Felony Charge To Bullshit
Extra 3 – Growing Weed Out Of A Basement
Extra 4 – I was making music the whole time

chapter 8Age 23

Part 1 – When You Become Best Friends With A Major Drug Dealer

Part 2 – The Beginning Of My Music Movement And The Long Journey

Part 3 – The DEA Kicking down the door and losing everything in a instant

Part 4 – How It Felt Losing $220,000 I never got to spend a penny of.

Part 5 – The Black And Yellow Boom

chapter 9

Part 1 – How Fame Feels after an entire life of people doubting and neglecting you. 


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NovAK’s Life Story was written 100% by Novi Novak. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Please E-mail me in the contact form for any questions or concerns.


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