This Is Why Joey Badass And Tech N9ne Aren’t SUPERSTARS

This Is Why Joey Badass And Tech N9ne Aren’t SUPERSTARS

Joey Badass and Tech N9ne are amazing artists! They have a lot of skill and they do great things. They have massive fan bases and do what they do best and that is why fans love them.

When it comes to being a super star this is the main thing holding Joey Badass and Tech N9ne back though. You’ll notice Tech N9ne’s bigger songs tend to have a commercial chorus. Especially the ones that happened to make it to radio. Songs like Tech N9ne Fragile…

A singer on the hook to give the record cross over appeal. Why is that record his 2nd biggest record? Cross Over appeal is the answer.

Why isn’t tech n9ne bigger? why isn’t Joey Badass bigger? I answer that question in today’s video.

Author: Jason Rogers

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