10 Things You’ll LOVE If You Get A BMW i8

10 Things You’ll LOVE If You Get A BMW i8

I’ve owned the car for 3 months at the time of shooting this video.

The asking price for a 2019 BMW i8 is $150,000 right now. I believe it is worth every penny. If you go and lease one of these you can get it for around 15 hundred dollar hairs a month and if you can do it… DO IT!

The advantages to having this car are enormous. The driving experience, the way people look at the car and then you when you get out of it… the feeling of just saying you own one… The list goes on and on but I’ll let this BMW i8 Review video talk more about that.

I hope you reach your goals and get your hands on whatever car you are looking forward to getting. Best of luck my friend. I hope you get a 2019 BMW i8! You deserve it.

For anyone asking, the model I had was a 2015 BMW i8. In my opinion this is easily BMWs best car.

15 Things I HATE About My BMW i8 After 3 Months

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