3 Browser Plug-Ins EVERY Rapper NEEDS To Know About

3 Browser Plug-Ins EVERY Rapper NEEDS To Know About

What a smart rapper families they want to talk about three browser plug ins when I say browser plug as if someone from Mozilla or google chrome and if you’re not using Mozilla or google chrome when you’re just using like Internet Explorer or you’re using Safari it’s actually proven that people who do decide to go over to Chrome or Mozal are actually way more productive because they don’t use the default standard. Were not default the standard we’re smarter than that. So move over to Chrome it’s a faster browser or move over to Mozilla it’s still a better browser than the basic stuff OK and has more uses. Just trust me on that okay. I’m going to talk to you guys and girls today about browser plugins that are going to make it easier for you to be a rapper going to help you in your rap career. Everything from being able to download beats easier to or had good beats or videos from the internet if you need to get them from anywhere even if you can’t download them. That’s a huge suitcase to stick around for that. I’m going to forget all the little tapes and tools these tools that I use on a regular basis that you need to know about. I’m Rob level. This is my Rappard wakame you’re about to get smarter. Right after the intro. All right. There are tools that you need not much. You guys the tools you need today you don’t know what a browser plugin or extension is it just plugs in. And these are free. They plug right into Chrome or Mozilla and allow you to have additional tools that you get to use for your career. I’m going tell you the ones that I actually use on a regular basis. First off we’re going to go ahead. We’re going to start with one called Download helper download helper is fantastic if you ever stream a video or you stream a beat like let’s say you’re on Soundcloud or on a Web site a Web site and you can even start streaming the beat. It takes the source of where the Beats streaming from and download it. So if you want to download a beat that’s not even downloadable you can use download help or to download beats that I’ve been using this for years to get them. I am not. Let me clarify and not saying steel beats. I’m saying that if you wanted to download a beat in order to write to it and record to it that you plan on purchasing a lease from or buying later that you do that because I right off line. I don’t write. I write right there in the moment but I also need the beat so I can put it into the folder to write to the song right. So I think that this helps the beat maker as well as helps us as rappers because I’m not going to buy a beat that I don’t know if I can write a song. Why would you buy it you don’t know you’re writing a song. So any bootmaker watching this. Don’t get mad at me. That’s the mindset of a rapper. We’re going to want to download the beat so that we can record it in the like okay now and then we buy it to keep the tag off of it. Okay so don’t be hating on me for that right. You got to get download help or go and download it is 100 percent free is going to plug into Chrome is going to plug in a Mozilla. Anything he clicks something you’re going to see. Delanoë helped her put his little bubble up. You click it and that’s be the file you can download to get your beat. It’s actually one of the biggest tools that rappers can use when it comes to getting Bs because often times like when characters beat over the Internet. Well now you can. You’re welcome. Number two highly super super duper. Even more so than the last one. Recommend this plugin. It’s called Kill news feed. If you ever been sitting on Facebook and you’re just sitting there and then you you hit the home button and you see somebody else’s drama and then there’s a news story and then they’re sharing a game or sharing a picture or a video and you just get sucked into this rabbit hole that eats all your time and you’re lying if you say that you have. This to kill news feed actually kills and deletes the news feeds you don’t see people’s drama Oh Begbies pregnant or mad at Phil right now fuck him. Oh my sister’s got beat up only to see none of that shit. I’ve got shit to do. Don’t get yourself involved in somebody else’s life. Avoid the negativity. Avoid that time wasting video is the time wasting means avoid all that stuff by installing kill news feed it gets rid of the Facebook News Feed. So only thing that you deal with is your messages and your feed on your page. You won’t see anybody else’s feed on the home page after it just delete it. Okay so install that killed feed. It’s a very very good app is going to save you time is going to save you energy this way you can write more lyrics you can avoid negativity. Stay positive minded and get more done. This is an essential tool I can recommend you install this above any other plugin that you’re ever going to install because it’s going to save you mental health and spiritual health and just time just frickin go install it OK. And number 3 the final 2. I highly recommend this as a free tool for up to a hundred. Email reads a month actually might be free and ungentle without the primary upgrades. I use the free version of this is called Strega. Put a link below for you guys what streak is streak will actually it’ll attach something to every email that you send out so he can tell if someone else read your email. Now why is this beneficial to a rapper. This is super beneficial if you’re emailing rap blogs and you want to know if the RAF will even open your email. Right this tool with you sent an email it’ll put a little green eyeball to eyeball we’ll go from grey to green. If somebody has read your email you can click any say see what browser they opened it and if they open it on their cell phone at the opening of an iPad if they open on a computer and it shows you the locations you can see where they’re based that all these things and shows you how many times they open the email and it shows you they clicked the links in your email link to check out your song or not that super beneficial because when you send to a rap what you want to know right. You want to know they click your song. You can email them back say Hey I appreciate you taking time to check it out. Or Hey I saw you open my email. I would say that it’s a hey just just following up with you man. Really huge fan wanted to know what you think about my song. I really do appreciate your time but if you’re sending without this tool you don’t even know if they open your email and you’re going to get bad at them like oh you are you I sent you emails you forget blah blah blah. When you don’t they open email they didn’t you send them a different type of email like Hey I sent another email and I saw that you didn’t open it. Or you know just being persistent cause really persistence is key. If you have my hip hop blog want to hip hop blogs email list I’ll put a link for that below. Or you go to a small Rappard icon slash hip hop blogs at all of these. All of the rap blogs I’ve handpicked the list of them and even inside of that instead of the ebook I show you how one of the guys who ran one of the bigger blogs was I came and I email you five times now and he got back at me. Hey sorry man. So many emails. That’s that they know what I was trying to show you in the e-book was that sometimes you get to email them five times. You have to be persistent don’t get annoyed and don’t pretend like you think that they read your emails. This will help you know. But you have to be persistent even if they did read the emails. People like persistence they don’t think we are annoying but they respect Horsell and they respect you being humble and being persistent because that’s what it takes to make it okay anyway. So Delow those tools. Number one Scoville is get number 1 you can go download download helper a great tool it’s a very very great tool. Number two you get to download kille news feed. Please do that for your own just for your own mental. Does do it. Okay. And the number 3 going to download streak and I’m gonna go out and put a link below to all three of those for you. Especially the streak once you guys install these. Can use became a smarter rapper thanks for watching Smar rapper family to learn word of the day in just a second. Like him which comment for Bob the day we can go here we’re going to go and look at today’s word. Today’s the day is intrepid. Now we kicked the buttons to be

. Intrepid intrepid intrepid intrepid intrepid intrepid I like doing that because it’s where you hear it over and over again.

Actually what really recommends you click like 30 times can when you hear a word after it’s like 36 times it goes into your vocabulary. If you listen to it enough and then you’re reading the definition. And I must tell you how to use it in a sentence is second to. What’s it mean. Intrepid sometimes Intrepid a means characterized by resolute fearlessness fortitude and endurance. What a strong a powerful word. Now get over here. We’re also going to use it in a sentence. Check this out to be an astronaut you must be an intrepid person who craves adventure and is not afraid of heights. So go back here again. Intrepid isn’t objective. OK so characterized by resolute fearlessness fortitude and endurance. All right so we can change this world a little bit. Love. To live in a hood. You must be an intrepid person. Who is not enough if not fearful of other people and things like that.

The intrepid kitten came from the kitchen the keys and will slowly in front of you gate.

I didn’t like a click. Oh yeah I didn’t it’s a bad ass Kitty right. So and trebly that’s a strong word again characterized by resolute fearlessness fortitude and endurance. I would say that a lot of rappers are very very intrepid. I said to you watching these videos to grow your eyes grow your stuff and become and become better and become smarter makes you an intrepid person really over other people write you like fuck someone would do that and learn and grow and become fearless. I’m going to do this damn thing all right. There’s a word of the day intrepid if you want to use a and centage when I remember it remember it again. It is intrepid and y’all got it to me would like him to subscribe and him for comment for bars for the day. Where was intrepid. Hope you guys are learning. Right now the weather data model. Don’t miss the video y’all. Make sure to sign up for my email list. Oh. And check out that hip hop the 200 hip hop. So you have. I have over 200 emails for you guys to send us your music Alright so you can get hurt by all these blogs you e-mail them at U Street which is also going to be a link below Tarbert dot com slash hip hop blog. Check out these other videos. Yes more respect y’all keep tossing y’all see them all.


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