The 3 REAL Reasons No One Is Listening To Your Music

The 3 REAL Reasons No One Is Listening To Your Music

Seth Godin – Tribes
Seth Godin – All Marketers Are Liars –

Songs I Mentioned In The Video:

Rob Level – Sleepin On Me

Rob Level – Friends And Enemies

Rob Level – Is This Life?

1) Your sound is outdated
This is where the power of producers come in. A good producer stays up on relevant sounds and what is evolving in the music industry in order to be ahead of the curve.
Cool fact here… when you hear something on the radio… that was generally made nearly 2 years ago.

If your beats sound like early 90s and early 90s sounds isn’t what is in right now, then you aren’t going to sound current or like you know what you’re doing with your music.

This is something I know a lot of people will argue with when they hear it, but I’m sorry to let you know it’s true if you want to be making HIT songs that spreads across numerous genres and gains you millions of fans.

2) your branding sucks 
Music is more than just… music. To really connect with someone they have to like your music AND your story.
Your story is your brand. Think Jay Z, Logic, MGK…. The background of your hardships lets people know you worked even harder to get here. So they connect with you more.

It adds more realness to your music. Now it won’t just sound like this guy who is rhyming. It will all make more sense to the listener who knows the truth.

Additionally you need to look like a professional. If you look and SOUND amateur, you will be taken as an amateur.
First impressions mean a lot

3) Your music actually sucks but no one is telling you 
What you SHOULD do is join the Smart Rapper community and that comes with 1 submission to Rap Tweaks where I give you honest feedback in a video. That’s promotion to the video and plus the rest of the smart rapper community will tell you feedback as well.

Stop relying on friends and family. They don’t want to hurt your feelings. We will be honest with you because we all understand that’s what you need to grow.

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