3 Things Kendrick Lamar Does That You NEED To Do

3 Things Kendrick Lamar Does That You NEED To Do


1) A Professional Rapper Will Write And Rewrite Songs

Not just writing once and saying “Well that’s good enough!” because that’s rarely true. Maybe 5 songs in my entire career that I ended up releasing did I just write and say “Welp, that works!” and that is only rare because that is when an insane amount of inspiration hits you and you just murder a song in 45 minutes total! An example of one of my songs where I did that in 45 minutes from start to finish is ‘One Size Fits All’.

I’ve watched interviews on everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Tupac saying that they will write and rewrite songs as a normal process. This is because the song gets better and better and better.

You write a song fresh and that inspiration is put into the song. Then you go back a week later and hear it a whole new way. Then you rewrite and make it better and better. Possibly change some of the recording and finish it. Then you go back again later and write again and re record pieces. Now you have a rap song that has literally 3 times the effort your 1st take would have had.

I often go back to songs that are even years old and hear it in a whole new light and then rewrite it with the NEW skills that I have built since I originally made the song. Makes sense right? You get better and better everyday. Why wouldn’t you be better at writing more to a song 3 months from today? Common sense and a very professional thing to do.

Never consider that your first time writing a song is the last time writing a song. That’s #1 for How To Rap Like A Pro

2) Will Make 100 Songs For Every 10 He Releases

Have you ever heard someone like T-Pain, Lil Wayne, The Game or T.I. say that they wrote 100s of songs for an album? Well it’s true! You don’t just release ANY SONG you make. That is completely amateur… unless every song you make is a hit which means you shouldn’t even be on this site you should be selling songs to Rihanna :’D I got the connect if you got the hit songs, e-mail me lol But I’m takin a split!

Anyways! Doesn’t it make sense that you write a ton of songs and out of all of those songs there are like 5-10 INCREDIBLE songs that you love? Well those songs become the mixtape or album. This way your fans are only getting the HOTTEST STUFF, not just the decent stuff.

You’ll notice people like Gucci Mane just release everything they make. Sure it allows you to release a ton of content but people expect it to just be decent instead of expecting it to be great every time which is what makes them want to listen time and time again.

That’s #2 for How To Rap Like A Pro

3) Making your plans WAY before things happen

A lot of artist just go with the flow and just expect to gain a fan base at random. That is not going to get you anywhere. If you don’t have a plan how the hell can you make sure you win?

Do you think that a football team goes onto the field without studying their competition and knowing what their best plays and strategy are for playing every week? You know the answer is no. A football team has a book of strategies. Imagine how terribly the team would lose if they went out on the field and just randomly ran around and threw and tried to catch and score with NO PLAN.making a rap plan

The quarter back would be tossing the ball to a random receiver and chances are…. the ball would get intercepted 50% more at least.
So you need to have a plan of attack, a strategy. Look how in-depth I went into planning my most recent album’s release.

Check that article out here https://smartrapper.com/how-to-rel…

If you didn’t know, most rap artist, singers and bands usually have their album finished 4-6 months prior to release so that they can start on a plan towards making sure it gets heard. You don’t want to spend months or even years creating an album and just hope that it gets heard by people, that would be a VERY STUPID move.

You need to make sure everyone is paying attention when you release it. The buzz leading up to an album is more exciting for fans than the actual moment they listen to it. It is a psychological excitement that the time is coming.

That’s Another good one for How To Rap Like A Pro.

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