3 Ways To Build Hype For A Single

People love HYPE more than they like the project sometimes. The idea that something amazing is coming excited people.

Have you ever noticed if someone you are a fan of starts talking about a project or single they are releasing that you get excited and can’t wait for it to come out?
That excitement builds and builds until it finally releases.

Then if it’s REALLY GOOD you are even more excited… but if it sucks… you are let down.
Well you being able to build that excitement is what you get to do before they even know if the song is amazing or not to them.

It is very powerful because you can get your fans to talk about a single A LOT just from pure excitement.

You are always going to want to keep your audiences attention on the new single but you can’t keep doing it in the SAME WAY or they will get bored.

You have to consistently approach how you talk about it from different angles to get them more excited about the single as well as see the single as more than just a SONG.
When you let them know more about the single and give them more information about it, it becomes more than just music.

So how do we go about doing this?

1) Include The Fans

A great way is to make everyone a PART of the new single. You can choose your SUPER FANS to be a part of the new song or video somehow.

What I did for my song Dragon Sneeze is I gave 1 bar to dozens and dozens of people and made them send me a recording of them lip syncing those lyrics in the song.
Then I put them all together in the music video for it and I even put the city each person was from so they could rep their city but also so I could show I have fans all over the world.

When you get fans involved with the music it becomes a part of their life in some way and they will share it with every single person they come across.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be them lip syncing the song, it can be a contest, a single artwork competition with a prize and more.

2) Use The Date TWICE Or More

Create something AROUND the single release that make people more excited for the same day the single drops.

Maybe they are excited for the single but would LOVE to see a vlog of you as well and that releases on the same day. It gives them 2 reasons to pay attention to you on that day.

Remember, you are a creative artist and marketing is creativity too.

3) Share More About The Single

Tell a story about how the single came about.

A funny story, an emotional moment or the theme and idea behind the song.

If they know more about the song, such as the true place the song was created from, when they hear it, they will feel it more.
Therefore they will be a fan of it easier.

Rob Level

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